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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1939-08"

Left page:
Top left - view out to sea with cliffs on the right.
Top right - six men and a woman wearing summer clothes sitting on chairs round a table in grass field.
Middle left - two women wearing dresses on a beach with sea behind them.

Two women wearing dresses paddling in waves on beach. On the reverse 'Peg & Auntie Mary, Bournemouth, August 1939, last holiday before the war'.

Photo 1 is a young woman looking out of a window.
Photo 2 is a young woman in a coat with a man in a coat seated. The image is taken from inside a building with the two people framed by the doorway.
Photo 3 is a man and a young woman sittingā€¦

Letter from David Boldy to his father about situation in London, war breaking out and his intention to volunteer for the Royal Air Force. He provides details about working on the farm picking plums, getting fit and tanned.
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