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Five photographs from an Album.
#1 is an unidentified airman.
#2 is three airmen
#3 is a football team.
#4 is a view of Vesuvius from the air.
#5 is seven airmen in two rows.

A pilot standing on a balcony with Vesuvius behind.

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Photographs taken around Pompeii and Naples.
1. A view of the ancient amphitheatre at Pompeii. Some people can be seen standing and walking in the arena.
2. A view of Vesuvius from the bay of Naples.
3. A view of the South East corner of the…

1. An area of garden, mostly tress.
2. A view over apartments and trees to Vesuvius.
3. Piazza Tasso, Sorrento.
4. A view of a garden, taken from the upper floor of a building.

1. A view looking east, over buildings and roof tops, towards Mount Vesuvius.
2. The War Memorial in Taranto.
3. An airman in uniform, with a pipe in his mouth, posing on a terrace against a metal railing. The view behind is Mount Vesuvius.
4. Two…


Eight photographs from an album.
Photo 1 and 8 are the same, five airmen on a seaside promenade. They are in khaki uniforms.
Photo 2 and 3 are aerial views from a Lancaster towards Mount Vesuvius.
Photo 4 is group of soldiers with a 156 Squadron…

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Four images of volcanic eruptions taken from the air and two of lava flow in a street.

A cobbled street with ruined houses on both sides. In the distance Mount Vesuvius.
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