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Roy White’s RAF Flying Log Book from 15th March 1944 to 16th April 1947, detailing his training and duties as a wireless operator.
He was stationed at RAF Yatesbury (No.2 Radio School), RAF Aqir (No. 76 Operational Training Unit and No. 26…

Record of training navigation star and sun sights from ground and air between April 1943 and February 1944. Locations April to July 1943 at 24 bombing gunnery and navigation school at Moffat Southern Rhodesia on Anson aircraft. December 1943 at No 23…

Twenty-six airmen in three rows sitting and standing in front of a building with door and window. Most are wearing khaki uniform with shorts and side or peaked caps.

Printed on back: 'This photograph was sold by RAF Station Aqir, date: 22.6.45…


Photo 1 - a night street scene, captioned 'Cairo Street en route to Palestine May 1946'.

Photo 2 - Denis sitting in uniform on a ship's railing. On a building is graffiti reading 'Nelson look at your heirs'. Above is the caption…

A stone gateway with a few pedestrians. On the reverse 'Dimiscus [sic] Gate Bethlehem Jerusalem'.

A street in Bethlehem with an Arab couple walking away from the camera. On the reverse 'Street of the Arab Quarter in the Old City of Bethlehem'.

Women and children on benches at the promenade at Tel Aviv. On the reverse 'Promenade, Tel Aviv'.

A bell tower with a stone wall in front. A second identical photograph has on the reverse 'Xmas Bells of Bethlehem'.

A B-24 flying low over a tent. On the reverse 'Another shot at Aqir'.
A second image taken seconds before has a caption 'Liberator flying over camp at Aqir'.

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A view of the promenade at Tel Aviv. On the beach are deck chairs and sun bathers. On the reverse 'Promenade Tel Aviv Looking North'.

A cover for a collection of photographs of Tel Aviv. It is captioned 'Tel Aviv S.1A'.

A list of 12 photographs contained in the album Tel-Aviv S1A

A fountain in a circle. There are benches for pedestrians and it is surrounded by buildings with curved facades.

Large building at edge of roundabout. Road sides are tree lined.

Large domed synagogue at the side of a tree lined street.

A street scene with buses, a few cars cyclists and pedestrians. There are three storey buildings.

Urban street scene. A bus, lorry and three cars. The street is lined with small trees and four storey buildings.

Large building surrounded by mature trees. Bialik is the national Hebrew poet.

Street scene. No traffic. A few pedestrians on the pavement. Street is tree lined.

A street scene with two buses. The streets are tree lined and only a few pedestrians are visible.

A street scene with a few cars and a lot of trees. The boulevard has a central reservation with trees.

A three storey school building with an internal square.

A roundabout with a fountain. Some of the streets are tree-lined. Also visible are a bus, a car, a couple of cyclists and a few pedestrians.

A group of military men with hats taking photographs. Behind are sunbathers on benches

The cover of an album of Haifa photographs
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