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John Cox was the pilot the night George was killed. He describes travelling in a vehicle with George's body. George was taken to a cemetery in a village. John continued to a military hospital. George and John had both baled out.

Mrs E Warren at a memorial service for her son in St Leonhard's church. On the reverse is stamped 'Photo Schmid Heilsbronn/Mfr'

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A postcard to Mrs E Warren from R [indecipherable]. A cross on the image indicates near where George is buried.

George's grave in Germany.

The priest and the nave of the church seen from the pews.

The priest from St Leonhard's church standing by George Warren's grave.

George's grave at St Leonhard's Church.

The interior of the church during a service seen from the pews.

The priest at St Leonhard's church with a woman in army uniform. They are standing at the top of steps in front of a building.

The exterior of the church viewed from the graveyard. Five or six people are standing by a grave.

A group of people walking along a road.

The letter describes contact Mary has made with the priest in charge of the cemetery where George is buried. She includes his address and states that she will try and visit the cemetery in the near future.

Mary describes the ceremony at the churchyard, attended by nearly 700 people including 300 children.

George's grave at St Leonhard's church
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