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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "British Columbia--Vancouver"

Top - view along a beach with buildings and trees in the distance.
Bottom - view along a beach with sea wall on the left with road and trees behind it. Captioned 'English Bay, Vancouver'.

Left - view from a grass bank along a suspension bridge. Right - view of a suspension bridge going from left to right across a river. Captioned Lions Gate Bridge Vancouver'.

Two bison in an enclosure with a building middle background with trees behind. Captioned 'Bison at Vancouver'.


During operation to Ludwigshaven. Gives account of rear gunner Flight Sergeant P Perehinski (of Vancouver) continuing to give evasive action to pilot despite being wounded. Also mentions lucky escape of George Bilton where a prayer book and…

Top left - newspaper cutting (London Gazette) with citation for Pilot Officer Baker and Warrant Officer Meek.
Top right - newspaper cutting - Lancaster lands on bomb door. Account of badly damage Lancaster with wounded crew returning from operation…

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Lions Gate bridge with no traffic, only a few pedestrians.

PSmithRW23010006 copy.jpg
A view of the entrance to Stanley Park, Vancouver, looking north.

PSmithRW23010007 copy.jpg
A postcard of a car full of people partly inside the Hollow Tree in Stanley Park.

PSmithRW23010008 copy.jpg
Four totem poles in Stanley Park.

PSmithRW23010009 copy.jpg
A postcard taken from a river looking up to the snow covered Lion mountain.
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