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A partly decipherable address - '7 Berry Road [indecipherable] Myrtle [indecipherable]'

A group of men and woman wearing swimming costumes standing and sitting on a wooden pontoon with a boat on the left. On the reverse indecipherable handwriting,

Head and shoulders portrait of a man with beard and woman with signatures On the reverse '1939-1940 Lodwig [......]'.

Menu with bomber aircraft at top and three squadrons named - title 16 days middle east. Several named Mediterranean towns. Signatures on the reverse.

A reunion dinner menu with the signatures of many who attended.

Formal course photograph, 46 trainees, three staff, arranged in seven rows on flight of stairs leading to Bridlington Grand Pavilion Theatre. Captioned 'D FLIGHT, 3 SQUADRON, No 20 ITW BRIDLINGTON AUG 14th - OCT 9th 1943'. There are also a largeā€¦

A group of 31 airmen arranged in three rows in front of a brick building. Some individuals have autographed their names. On the reverse ' Daddy & RAF Friends'.
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