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From the left, a cap badge, a metal object with the maker's mark 'Hohner'and a Dutch twintig gulden mark note.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Noted not to be produced in public; a list of phrases in German, Spanish, French and Dutch.


PPexmanKR1808 copy.jpg
Wooden cross with the upright marked 'No 10' and the date of death. The cross bar has 'PEXMAN ENGELSCH VLIEGENIER' written across it. The grave is in Schoonselhof cemetery.

Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the…

A booklet with vocabulary translated into German, Spanish, French and Dutch.
The booklet was to assist downed airmen evading or escaping.

A postcard of 'The King's House' in Brussels.

Both sides of a One Guilder banknote.

Both sides of a Coca Cola mat.

Both sides of a beer mat from Holland

Freedom does not perish. A Dutch language newspaper dropped by the RAF.


List of phrases in French, Dutch, German and Spanish. Not to be produced in public.

French prisoners of war walking free out of the Camp. They are wearing greatcoats and carrying suitcases. It is captioned 'In vrijheid gestelde Fransche krijggevangenen passeren' and translated as 'Passing freed French prisoners of war'.

Six prisoners sitting inside a barrack. It is captioned 'Interieur van een der grote barakken' and translated as 'Interior of one of the large barracks'.

A watch tower at one of the corners of the camp. It is captioned 'Een vande zes om bet kamp staande watchtorens' and translated as 'One of the six watchtowers standing around the camp'.

A procession of prisoners led by clerics, through the camp. It is captioned 'De hoofd kamp straat (een processie van de Fransche krijgsgevangenen)' and translated as 'Main Camp Street (a procession of the French prisoners of war)'.

A football match watched by a very large number of prisoners. It is captioned 'De appelplaats als voetbalveld met interland aspiraties' and translated as 'The parade ground as a football field with international aspirations'.

An officer hands out food to prisoners about to depart for work outside the camp. It is captioned 'De facteur der Servische gevangenen deelt proviand uit aan naar 'arbeids kommando' vertrekkende kampgenoten.' and translated as 'The facteur of the…

A religious service outside a church made from a camp hut. Clerics are in white with prisoners kneeling around the building. It is captioned 'De kerk in 'gevangenschap' translated as 'The Church in 'Captivity''.

A German guard of honour watching over prisoners laying one of their number to rest. It is captioned 'Een vuurpeleton - een geestelijker en een baar... een helaas bijna dagelijks voorkomend beeld op het Kerkhof van de krijgsgevangenen' translated as…

Prisoners lined up for the roll call. It is captioned 'Zondags-appel op de appelplaats' translated as 'Sunday roll call on the parade ground'.

Ice skating on the frozen swimming pool. It is captioned 'Wintersport in M-Stalag IVB'.

Large numbers of prisoners clearing out the swimming pool at the camp. It is captioned 'Het jaarlijkse uitdiepen van het "zwembad" translated as 'The annual deepening of the "swimming pool". '

A large group of prisoners lined up in great coats with suitcases. It is captioned 'Een transport wordt samengesteld. Wachten op visitatie' which translates as 'A transport is put together. Waiting for visitation'.

17 prisoners lined up to carry food buckets back to their huts. It is captioned 'Russische 'etenhalers' staande voor een van keukens' translated as 'Russian 'food eaters' standing in front of one of the kitchens'.

A large cemetery with many graves. It is captioned 'De laatste rustplaats der in Stalag IVB overleden of omgkomen gevangenen', translated as 'The final resting place of prisoners who died or died in Stalag IVB'.

26 men attending a ceremony laying the foundations of a monument commemorating the prisoners of war who died at Stalag IVB. It is captioned 'Het leggen van de eerste steen van het op te richten monument voor de te Muhlberg overleden…
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