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He has escaped from the camp and is now with the British Army.

A telegram sent at Easter stating he is keeping well and hopes his family are doing the same.

Les sends seasons greeting to his mother.

He is moving to a new camp at Sulmona. He has received five letters so far. He asks for a fountain pen.

He has had no mail from her. He is in good health and has just received a Red Cross parcel.

He has had no mail from her. Its been raining again. He is rehearsing for a concert party. No sport this week because of the weather.

He asks for a cigarette machine and a diary. His health is good. They are having a sports meeting plus board games, lectures and concerts.

He asks for a razor and letters via the Red Cross. He is well but its been raining a lot.

He will write again once he is moved. Food is good and he is being treated well.

Les writes he is alive and in good health. He is being treated well and the food isn't bad. He is a prisoner in Tripoli.

He writes that they raided Guernsey and it was in the papers. He claimed he shot down a Heinkel 113, his first kill.

He apologises for not writing but he has been busy on operations.

Les' record of his time as a prisoner of war. Lots of sport and camp plays and musicals. He escaped in September when Italy made peace with the Allies. He describes his journey to British lines then back home.

Three letters received this week. They have been playing cricket.

He has only had one letter that week. He watched a musical comedy last night. He has been playing cricket. Weather has been good.

He has had no mail this week. His friend, Bill has had mail and cigarettes. His health and spirits are good. He is planning a reunion of prisoners of war at home.

Seven letters received this week. They have a new play to watch. Lots of sport activity.

He has had no mail except for parcels. He has been playing pass ball and cricket. He has been sunbathing a lot.

Only one letter received this week. He is playing a lot of sport. Despite straining a leg muscle he is in good health.

He has received two letters this week. He will write to Mrs Pepper next week. He has attended a musical comedy.

He has received one letter from his mother. He has been watching football.

He has had no letters in the last week but he received a clothing parcel and tobacco. There is a concert that night plus cricket and ball games. Weather is hot.

He has written to Mrs Pepper. He celebrated his 23rd birthday by eating a whole Red Cross parcel with Bill. He has been playing cricket.

He received a record number of letters last week - four. Parcels have arrived. He is in good health.

He has received 200 cigarettes and a half pound of tobacco, also four letters. They still have the gramophone and a play for entertainment and football. Weather is good.
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