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Cyril is sitting on a table. He is holding a model aeroplane. On the reverse 'A/C model Cyril made from balsa wood age 16½ (1937) after a very serious illness 3 months in hospital!'

A child playing with a pail. Behind is a toy dog on top of a wooden box.

Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a baby in a wooden stroller, in the garden.
Photo 2 is a baby in a wash basin, in the garden.

Half length portrait of young African girls.

The scan of this photograph has not been published online because it features culturally inappropriate themes. For more information, visit and…

A row of buildings line the back of a riverbank, some boats are parked up to the edge.

Two postcards of York Minster. The first is the interior and the second is the exterior.

Photo 1 and 2 are St Peter's School.
Photo 3 is Bootham Bar.
Photo 4 is Goodram Gate.
Photo 5 is the Shambles.
Photo 6 and 7 are the Merchant Venturer's Hall.
Photo 8 is York Minster.
Photo 9 is the inside of Clifford's Tower.
Photo 10 is the…

Ye Olde Saracens Head at Balsall Common, Coventry. An airman is standing outside holding a pint of beer.

Identification kindly provided by David Perrett of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Group.


Three photographs of yachting.
Photo 1 and 2 are of five men looking back. They are towing a small dinghy.
Photo 3 is of two men looking to the front of the yacht


A caption 'A token of appreciation of your War Service' which included a visit to Aldershot Hippodrome and a meal at the White Lion Hotel.
Item 1 is a caption.
Item 2 is a caption 'Programme of Show.
Item 3, 4 and 5 are the programme of the show -…

A newsletter published by the Women's Voluntary Service, Simla

Photo 1 is a group of people round the back of a car, the caption in Polish suggests they were stuck.
Photo 2 is five people with a caption with their names 'Maciek Miszewski, Jerzy Rajewski, Jan Rabek.
Photo 3 is the same group as photo 2 with a…

Two strips of cartoons. The first has six cartoons referring to Easter, in Polish and with an English explanation.The second has six cartoons with the theme 'I have'.

A man wearing suit and hat standing with a wreath in front of a large memorial in a park. A serviceman stands by to the right. On the left a large group pf people in civilian attire watch from a footpath. On the reverse 'May 7th 1947. Maj [....…


Photograph of rocky coast line captioned 'The "Boys" at Worth'. Annotated 'From here I went to Uxbridge for my "Demob" suit, on leave from July to Sept 1946'.
Photograph of rural coast line with lattice tower in fore ground, captioned 'Ringstead…

Four photographs, first two are similar, two soldiers two locals, with sign 'R.A.S.C. Central Marine Workshops, captioned 'The Boys'. third is of a launch captioned F.M.B. Almond', fourth captioned 'The Jetty P Brani'.

View inside a large factory workshop. On the right jigs with aircraft parts and men working form bottom right to top middle. Behind are shelves units and other Jigs. Submitted with caption 'Production of Typhoon wings. Main spar sub assembly'.


View inside a large factory workshop. Several benches running left to right and spaced back into workshop. Mostly women and some men working at benches. Front right two women holding an metal aircraft panel. Submitted with caption 'Production of…


View inside factory workshop. Two rows of machine tools run from bottom to top on left and right. Men and women are working at machines. Submitted with caption 'Production of Typhoon wings. Part of machine shop'.


In the centre a row of panels with others stacked on top. to the right workbenches and shelving. On bottom right wingtip and uncovered aircraft parts frames. Submitted with caption 'Production of Typhoon wings. Skin drilling lay-out'.


View inside factory workshop. In the foreground centre a man wearing dark suit and hat. On the right an man in light suit a flat cap by a pile of metal parts. Throughout the photograph are stacked aircraft parts (wing spars) leaning vertically…


A single engine biplane standing surrounded by men in front of a hangar with open doors. On top of the hangar a windsock. Captioned 'Woodford Aerodrome, Bramhill'. On the reverse 'The hangar 1930s are still here and used by devotes of Avro. It was…

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is a wooden cabin surrounded by trees.
#2 is a street scene with shops and pedestrians.
#3 is a signpost stating 'Tourists Detrain here'.
#4 is a suburban road with a car and two pedestrians.

Four women wearing diving masks with buckets are on the surface of the sea. The postcard is captioned in Japanese but handwritten is 'Women Searching for Pearls'. On the reverse is 'Dedicated to the Adjutant with my best regards Your faithful…
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