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Wing commander, upper torso wearing his flying helmet standing by the right rear fuselage of Ventura, AE856 "Hell's a-poppin" YH-Z with cartoon of Donald Duck in flying gear and roundel visible.

Wing Commander Pritchard was the officer commanding…

An image taken from the footwell of the bomb aimer's position looking up at an airman at the controls of a Lancaster.

An aircraft destroyed beyond repair. A wing, engine with propeller and the tail are all that remain.

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A cockpit of a four engined aircraft.


The interior of an aircraft with a pressure cylinder and wiring.

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Sergeant Leonard Waldorf sitting at the controls of an Airspeed Oxford, turning to face the camera. He is wearing flying suit and headset. Captioned 'Sgt Leonard Waldorf'.

Street scene with a man in shorts jogging or running away from a large shop marked 'Chemists', 'John Forbes' and 'Druggists'. There is a signpost on a stand outside the shop and another shop on the right of the picture named 'Morgan'. A cyclist is…
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