Bradbury, Denis Carlos


Bradbury, Denis Carlos
D C Bradbury


Eight items. The collection concerns Pilot Officer Denis Carlos Bradbury (1924 - 2017) and contains an oral history interview with Irene Bradbury, his wife (b. 1926), a scrap book (catalogued as a sub-collection) and six loose photographs. He flew operations as a wireless operator / air gunner with 514 Squadron.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Denis and Irene Bradbury and catalogued by Barry Hunter.


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Bradbury, DC

Collection Items

Large group of airmen and an Air Sea Rescue Lancaster
Large group of airmen arranged on and around Lancaster PB529.

Seven airmen on a Lancaster
A group of seven airmen sitting on top of a Lancaster, JI-N, PB142. One man is sitting on the mid-upper turret. Underneath is 'Rosebud'.

From the left the crew is: wireless operator / air gunner Sergeant Denis Carlos Bradbury 198880 (1811449), mid…

Denis Bradbury and his crew
Seven airmen in two rows at the rear of a Lancaster, JI-N'. Four are identified with annotations - 'Len Thatcher, Hank Snow, Denis Bradbury, Woody Freamo'.

Denis Bradbury and a woman
Denis and a woman on a promenade. They are both wearing coats.

Denis Bradbury with his Father and Mother
Denis Bradbury in RAF uniform with his father and mother. They are standing in the garden of their house. Denis and his father have pipes in their mouths.His mother is wearing a coat and hat. In the centre is a dog sat on a chair.

Seven airmen and Lancaster
Seven airmen in flying gear at the rear of a 514 Squadron Lancaster.

From left to right, back: Gorton Craig 'Gort' Angus; Donald G. 'Don' Thompson; Henry Charles 'Hank' Snow; Roy A. Moran; Leonard James 'Len' Thatcher.
Front: Bernard Ellwood…
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