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Bowker, David
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15 Items. An oral history interview with Flight Lieutenant David Bowker (142854 Royal Air Force) and 14 propaganda leaflets. David Bowker flew operations as a pilot with 103 and 150 Squadrons.

The collection has been licenced to the IBCC Digital Archive by David Bowker and catalogued by Barry Hunter.


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Bowker, DG

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Le Courrier de l'Air
Wartime news about the war in Australia, Japanese aggression at sea, the Axis in the Mediterranean, the New Disorder, the war in Russia and Lady MacRobert's Stirling in memory of her sons.

La Bataille de l'Atlantique
Key importance of Battle of the Atlantic outlined by Churchill, Rear Admiral Gadow and Lieutenant Commander Ambrosius in 1941.

Germany’s defence strategy and Britain’s counter-offensive delineated with plans, methods and progress. Despite…

Aus der letzten April - Woche 1942
In last week of April 1942, Luftwaffe and RAF bombing are compared as well as Hitler’s announcement now and from 1941. Contrasting statements from American (R F Watt) and German (Sauckel) on availability of workers.

Extract from Ludendorff’s…

Frage: wie viele sind hier aufmarschiert? Antwort: 330000 Mann
Claims Hitler has not talked about losses in Russia since 11 December (162,000 German soldiers dying in 162 days). Compares this to the lack of information and incorrect numbers given after the Poland Campaign. Hitler now having to use other groups…

De Wervelwind
Contains foreword by the Queen of the Netherlands as well as news about training of Dutch paratroopers, the Dutch merchant Navy, the queen and government of the Netherlands in London, an eyewitness account of the Battle of the Java Sea, an item on…

Le Dilemme des Marins Francais
The following talk was recently addressed on London Radio by an officer now serving in the Free French Naval Forces to his brother, an officer on board the “Strasbourg”. It sums up in a moving manner the distressing conflict between military duty…

Propaganda Leaflet G22
Elucidation to the Hitler Speech 1942

Propaganda Leaflet G48
Photographs of dead German soldiers and on the reverse 'Hitler Mathematik' with figures set out on a blackboard.

Le Courrier de l'Air #17
RAF superiority over the Luftwaffe in the air with successful day and night operations. Photograph of bombing damage to a factory producing He 111 aircraft. Luftwaffe ‘Baedeker’ retaliatory operations on British historic towns. Three pilots from…

Le Courrier de l'Air #15
Icreased RAF operations, including 400 Spitfires in one day. Despite losses, new Lancaster bombers inflict damage in broad daylight on Augsburg factories, producing submarine diesel engines and other war equipment. Message of thanks to the aircrews…

Propaganda Leaflet J29
A German soldier in full uniform and seated. On the reverse text in French with a smaller image of the Nazi officer.

Propaganda Leaflet G18
Two photographs, the first soldiers marching in the snow and the second soldiers lying dead in the snow. The translation reads his first campaign and his last. On the reverse is a list of obituary notices from the 'Die Woche' newspaper.

Propaganda Leaflet G23
The leaflet describes the huge number of American workers being transferred to the arms industry.

Propaganda Leaflet G37
A leaflet, in German dropped by the RAF. It has photographs on the front of Goering. On the reverse are comments and questions.

David Bowker joined the Air Force and was originally training to be a wireless operator / air gunner but remustered as a pilot. He discusses rudder lock on early versions of Halifax. Jacqueline Bowker his wife, discusses her life during the war and…
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