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19 items. The collection concerns Flying Officer Ernie Twells DFC (1909 - 1979, 6042416, 805035 Royal Air Force) and contains his log books training notebooks, his medals and lucky mascot. It also includes a scrap book of photographs.
Ernie Twells served as an engine fitter before remustering as a flight engineer. He completed 65 operations with 619 and 617 Squadrons including sinking the Tirpitz.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Ernest Twells and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Twells, E

Collection Items

Lancaster in flight
An air-to-air view of a Lancaster in flight above scattered clouds. A handwritten annotation reads 'To Ernest with Best Wishes [undecipherable] William Reid [undecipherable] 13.3.44'.

617 Squadron reunion Canada
A group of veterans and their wives grouped around the boarding steps at the rear of a British Caledonian Boeing 707. Some of the group are on the boarding steps. They are going to a 617 squadron reunion in Canada.

Visitors from famous Dambusters' squadron
A newspaper cutting announcing that Ernie Twells and the 617 squadron association will attend a presentation at Matlock. It describes the attempts made to sink the Tirpitz. Handwritten at the top is 'Long Eaton Advertiser 10/11/77'.

Dambusters Honoured
A newspaper cutting with a photograph of Group Captain Tait, Mrs Twells, Mr Twells, Councillor Wilson and Mrs Wilson. The 617 Squadron Association were presented with a silver salver by Derbyshire County Council.

Ernie Twells' Discharge Certificate
Ernie Twells' discharge certificate.

Letter to 617 Squadron Association from the Private Secretary of the Queen of the Netherlands
The letter thanks the Association for the gift of flowers and expresses appreciation for their thoughts.

Ernie Twells' Operations
A list of 48 operations undertaken by Ernie Twells. It details date, target and flight time.

Six Airmen
Photograph 1 is a group of six trainee airmen in uniform and side caps.
Photograph 2 is a group of 36 airmen seated and standing in three rows in front of a Beaufighter.
Photograph 3 is a group of 29 trainee airmen and a woman arranged in three…

Commemorative Dam Busters envelope
An envelope with a 15c Canadian stamp commemorating the first non-stop transatlantic flight. There is a 617 squadron badge and on the left a Lancaster. Underneath is a Vulcan and under that 'Commemorating 617 Squadron Association Reunion Toronto…

Ernie Twells' Death Certificate
Ernie Twell's death certificate

Ernie Twells' Birth and Baptism Certificates
Ernie Twell's birth certificate and baptism certificate.

Lancaster with mid gun turret removed
A port side view of Lancaster AJ-P from the film of the Dam Busters. Its tail is up and is either landing or taking off.

Lancaster, side/ front view. It is painted white. Behind is a twin engined aircraft. On the reverse 'Avro 683 "Lancaster " MR-3 RF273 last to leave Malta winter 1953'.

An embroidered 617 squadron crest.

Bob Knights' Obituary
The obituary of Flight Lieutenant Bob Knights. It details his operations on the Tirpitz, his early life, his training in Florida, his time with 617 Squadron and his role with BOAC after the war until his retirement in 1976.

Veterans on way to reunion
A group of nearly 50 veterans on the boarding steps of a British Caledonian Boeing 707. They are posed for the photograph and are all waving. Captioned 'Reunion trip to Canada Early 1970's'.

617 Squadron veterans
A group of five veterans in civilian clothing. Captioned 'From Left: Leonard Cheshire, Ralph Cochrane Johny Farquier'.

A Lancaster flying over a flagpole with the RAF Ensign and an unidentified second flag.

A three Ruble banknote, dated 1938.

Bill Howarth and four veterans
Five veterans standing beside a bouncing bomb exhibit. Behind is the front of a Lancaster 'C'. Captioned 'Bill Howarth rear gunner on Dams raid (far left)'.

A Lancaster flying over the nose of another Lancaster 'C'.

Ernie Twells at a social occasion
A group picture of airmen and women. Several have drinks in their hands and one airman is smoking. Captioned 'Ernie Twells standing far right shortly after loss of baby Gerald'.

A group of airmen arranged in three rows in front of a Beaufighter.…

Ernie Twells' Obituary and letter from the King
Ernie Twells' obituary detailing his life before, during and after the war.

A letter from the King awarding Ernie Twells his Distinguished Flying Cross.

A Lincoln and a Varsity
A Lincoln and a Varsity taken from the starboard side, looking across a barbed wire fence.

A Lincoln with an experimental nose. In the foreground a man is sitting with his back to the camera, on his left is an Alsatian dog. Behind him is a VW…

Leonard Cheshire and officer
A three quarters portrait of Leonard Cheshire and another officer. They have raised glasses of beer and are smiling.

A civilian and two airmen under a Lancaster with a mocked up bouncing bomb during the filming of The Dam Busters. Standing with…

Barnes Wallis and Leonard Cheshire
Barnes Wallis, Leonard Cheshire and their wives. They are seated at a table set for dinner. Captioned ' Barnes Wallis Leonard Cheshire and wives'.

Doris and Ernie Twells with the leader of Derbyshire County Council
Doris and Ernie Twells with two men and a woman. Ernie Twells and the man are holding an ornamental plate. Captioned 'Doris and Ernie with leader of Derbyshire County Council'.

The nose and main spar of Lancaster EE134. Six men are working on it.…

Ernie Twells and crew reunion
A group of veterans in suits. They are wearing their campaign medals and smiling. Three are holding beer mugs. They are standing on an ornate carpet and on the wall behind are framed paintings. Captioned 'Ernie Twells 2nd from right with crew'.
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