House and family Birmingham



House and family Birmingham


Left page;
Top left - view across road of a semi-detached house with car in the driveway.
Bottom left - a teddy bear on a brick wall.
Bottom right - silhouette of house and trees.
Right page:
Caption on spine '1958/1959, Birmingham'.
Top left - a child sitting on a chair on lawn in a back garden.
Top centre - two children sitting in bowls on a lawn.
Top right - a young girl kneeling on a lawn.
Second row left - view across back garden with plants in t he foreground with growing frames and a person standing looking. Two story house at the far end.
Second row right - two girls on a roundabout (one pushing) being watched by a woman standing on grass behind.
Third row left - a young girl and woman sitting on a low stone wall behind a post in garden with greenhouse in the background.
Third row right - two children sitting in bowl, tin tub with a woman showers water on one from a watering can.
Bottom left - a young girl on a tricycle.
Bottom right - a young child playing on grass with another in the background.



Temporal Coverage




Twelve b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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“House and family Birmingham,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 24, 2023,

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