Auton, Jim


Auton, Jim
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11 items. The collection relates to Sergeant Jim Auton MBE (1924 - 2020). He was badly injured when his 178 Squadron B-24 was hit by anti-aircraft fire during an operation from Italy. The collection contains an oral history interview and ten photographs.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Jim Auton and catalogued by IBCC Digital Archive staff.


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Auton, J

Collection Items

Jim Auton in uniform
Head and shoulder portrait of Sergeant Jim Auton in uniform with bomb aimer brevet.

Jim Auton in tropical uniform
Head and shoulder portrait of Sergeant Jim Auton in tropical uniform with observer brevet.

Jim Auton in uniform
Head and shoulder portrait of Jim Auton in sergeant's uniform with bomb aimer brevet.

Six aircrew in front of a B-24
Six aircrew in flying gear. One of them wears light-coloured trousers; one sports sergeant stripes, a third is in rolled-up shirt sleeves. Two packed parachutes are visible on Marston Mat. Inner starboard engine, part of the fuselage with the marking…

Five aircrew in front of a Wellington
Five aircrew wearing different combinations of battledresses and non-regulation items such as woollen hats are standing in front of a Wellington parked on a muddy field. Only the nose and part of the inner port engine are visible.

Aircrew in front of a B-24
Seven aircrew are in front of the fuselage of a B-24 with 'M 19' painted on it. Five aircrew are standing, two crouched. Some are in flying gear, one has sergeant stripes.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the…

B-24 in flight over Italy<br /><br />
A B-24 in flight over land with a river flowing parallel to the vertical margin. On the fuselage, code letter 'H' and barely legible serial number 'KH205' [?]. Captioned on the reverse 'F. J. Auton 178 Sqdn. Italy 1944'.

Two B-24s in flight over cloud
Air-to-air view of a B-24 with the code 'Q' on the fuselage; the port wing of second B-24 is partially visible on the right. Calibration markings along the edges.

Two B-24s in a desert landscape
Two B-24 in a desert landscape, one on the ground and one flying overhead at low altitude . A starter trolley is visible on the ground.

Seven aircrew in front of a B-24
A line up of seven aircrew in flying gear, standing informally next to a B-24. Four are wearing light coloured trousers; three are wearing standard footwear instead of flying boots; two have no parachute. Marston Mat is visible on the ground. Jim…

Interview with Jim Auton
Jim Auton grew up on Royal Air Force stations and joined the Royal Air Force at seventeen. He trained as a pilot navigator and bomber at RAF Ansty near Coventry, then in South Africa under the Empire Air Training Scheme. He trained on B-24 at Lidder…
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