75 (NZ) Squadron battle order



75 (NZ) Squadron battle order


Battle order for 9/10 September 1944. List aircraft and crews for operations as well as duty personnel



Temporal Coverage



One page typewritten document


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[inserted][indecipherable words][/inserted]
No. 75 (NZ) Squadron, R.A.F. – BATTLE ORDER – 9th/10th September, 1944

[a] a/c. [b] Captain [c] Navigator [d] A/Bomber [e] WO/AIR [f] F/Eng [g] MU/Gnr [h] R/Gnr

[a] A [b] F/O Bateman [c] F/S O'Rourke [d] F/S McClintock [e] F/S White [f] Sgt Matthewman [g] Sgt Hopkins [h] Sgt Farrow
[a] B [b] [missing letter]/L Kennedy [c] F/S Monoghan ]d] F/O Ward [e] Sgt Teverson [f] Sgt Scott [g] Sgt Williams [h] F/S Fox
[a] C [b] F/O Martyn [c] F/O Elliot [d] F/S Dunkerley [e] F/S Abrahams [f] Sgt Golombeck [g] Sgt Lindsay [h] Sgt Wright
[a] D [b] F/O Hadley [c] F/S Gudgeon [d] F/S Wilcox [inserted] X [/inserted] [e] F/S Giles [f] Sgt Fowler [g] F/S Boyd [h] F/S Biggar
[a] E [b] F/O Layton [c] F/S Christie [d] F/S Estcourt [e] F/S Nicholas [f] Sgt Samuel [g] F/S Moore [h] F/S Light
[a] F [b] F/O Rees [c] F/O Preston [d] F/O Westwood [e] F/S Clark [f] Sgt Mulhall [g] Sgt Alderson [h] Sgt Allen
[a] G [b] F/O Adolph [c] F/S Beech [d] F/O Hodgson [e] F/LT Stacey [f] Sgt Jones 976 [g] F/S White [h] Sgt Swale
[a] H [b] F/S Moore [c] F/S Boyes [d] F/S Sherriff [e] Sgt Taylor 201 [f] Sgt Huckstepp [g] Sgt Glendenning [h] F/S Chatfield
[a] J [b] F/O Dare [c] F/O Warren [d] F/S MacDonald [e] F/S Neville [f] Sgt Dunbar [g] F/S Bannan [h] F/S Lawton
[a] K [b] F/L Baxter [c] F/O Chapman [d] F/S Higgins [e] F/S Kareama [f] Sgt Haig Brown [g] Sgt Kelsey [h] Sgt Whitlam

[a] S [b] F/O Yates [c] F/O Bernie [d] F/S Meaka [e] W/O Bain [f] Sgt Westell [g] Sgt Fallowfield [h] Sgt Close
[a] O [b] F/O Johnson [c] W/O [indecipherable name] [d] F/O Penman [e] Sgt Smith [f] Sgt Marfil [g] Sgt Reid [h] Sgt McLeod
[a] N [b] F/O Plummer [c] F/S Humphries [d] F/O Holloway [e] W/O Chambers [f] Sgt Fell [g] P/O Scott [h] F/S McDonald
[a] Y [b] F/O Ford [c] F/O Weedan [d] F/O Chapman [e] F/S Tredinnick [f] Sgt Muller [g] Sgt Glover [h] Sgt Fitzwater
[a] T [b] P/O Meyer [c] F/O Mercier [d] F/O Snowden [e] F/S Witchard [f] Sgt Glass [g] Sgt Payne [h] Sgt Brown
[a] M [b] F/S Gordon [c] P/O Bell [d] F/S Weston [e] F/S Otway [f] Sgt Freeman [g] Sgt Hore [h] Sgt Forrester
[a] R [b] F/S Farr [c] F/S Wood [d] F/S Dawson [inserted] X [/inserted] [e] Sgt Ford [f] Sgt Cook [g] Sgt Mentiply [h] Sgt Bolland
[a] L [b] F/O Winter [c] F/O [indecipherable name] [d] F/S Muir [e] F/O Calloway [f] Sgt Oades [g] Sgt Crome 708 [h] Sgt Cooke

[a] M JN [b] S/L Williamson [b] F/O Watts [c] F/O Coull [d] Sgt Cook [e] F/O Moss [f] Sgt Jones
[a] D JN [b] F/O Wilson [c] F/S Moris [d] F/O Fitch [e] P/O Buckworth [f] Sgt Watkins [g] F/S Jones 037 [h] F/S Pettet
[a] X JN [b] F/L Waugh [c] F/S Woonton [d] F/S Swetland [e] F/S Kidd [f] Sgt Southgate [g] F/S Nickels [h] F/S Sage
[a] W JN [b] F/O May [c] F/S Carrington – [e] F/S Lewis [f] Sgt Hutton [g] F/S Calnon [h] F/S McDowell
[a] W JN [b] F/O Tims [c] Sgt Morton [d] F/O Noble [e] Sgt McKellow [f] Sgt Woods [g] F/S Crome [h] Sgt Kemp
[a] P JN [b] F/O Wood [c] Sgt Johnson [d] F/O Hurcombe [e] Sgt Taylor [f] Sgt Gibbs [g] Sgt Woolley [h] Sgt Mahoney
[a] K JN [b] F/O Scott [c] F/S Scott [d] F/S Andersen [inserted] X [/inserted] [e] F/S Howard [f] Sgt Thomas [g] Sgt Beardmore [h] Sgt Bayes
[a] Y JN [b] F/L Andrew [b] F/O Osborne [c] F/S Sinclair [inserted] X [/inserted] [d] F/S Roberts
[a] F JN [b] F/O Robertson [c] F/S Herrold [d] F/O Richmond [e] F/S Tibby [f] Sgt Thompson [g] Sgt Maryan [h] Sgt Smith
[a] O JN [b] F/S O'Callaghan [c] F/S Hartley [d] Sgt Mitchell [e] F/S Matheson [f] Sgt Simpson [g] Sgt Baines [h] Sgt Shepherd
SPARE CREW:- F/S Galletly Times:- Meal [deleted number] Bus [deleted number] 1st Briefing [inserted] 11.45 [/inserted] 2nd Briefing [inserted] 1245 [/inserted] Bus to a/c [inserted]13.30 T/O 14.25 [/inserted]

[underlined] DUTY PERSONNEL [/underlined]
Officer i/c Flying:- W/C Leslie, A.F.C. Sigs. Officer:- F/L Henshaw Radar Officer:- F/O Anthony
[indecipherable word] Officer: F/O Simpson Electrical Officer:- F/S Campion Armt Officer: Sgt Bartlett
W/[indecipherable word] Sgt Richards, Cpl. Robinson, Lac John, LAC Cottington.Armrs.:- Cpl. Chapman, LAC Atkinson.
I/R[missing letters] Cpl. McKinnon, LAC Roback. Electricians:- Cpl. Peel, LAC. Finch ACP: Sgt Johnson. Radar Mech:- Sgt Holdsworth
[indecipherable words] :- Sgt Yorke. Stores:- LAC. [indecipherable name]. Photo:- AC. Edwards

[underlined] [indecipherable words] of this sheet [indecipherable words] Programme. [/underlined]

[inserted] AA/B
AA/K 1520 1525
A 1520 1525
B 1515 1520
C 1525 1530

S/C 1630
H 1735
H to H + 8
R/T 1715 [/inserted]


“75 (NZ) Squadron battle order,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 23, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/33621.

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