Clegg, Peter Vernon. Gibson, Alan - folder


Clegg, Peter Vernon. Gibson, Alan - folder


Eight items. Contains operational record of Squadron Leader Alan Gibson AFC DFM RNZAF including extracts from his logbook, letter from his rear gunner, reports on operation to Mailly le Camp and document with quotations.




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Clegg, PV

Collection Items

In American and English camps
Notes on camp news, at work, daily rations, daily papers, bakery and education.

Quotes from responsible statesmen
Quotes from Eden, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, Goebbels and notice on treatment of German prisoners of war by German staff HQ.

Map of operation to Mailly-le-Camp
Shows route across English Channel north of Paris to Mailly-le-Camp and return.

Bomber Command report on night operations - night 3/4 May 1944
Target Mailly-le-Camp attacked by Lancasters. Covers weather forecast, plan of attack, total number of sorties, narrative of attack, day reconnaissance, enemy defences air and ground, enemy aircraft destroyed, casualties, target details, route,…

No 1 Group Narrative report
Report on Alan Gibson's crew's operation to Mailly-Le-Camp describing attack by enemy aircraft which was engaged by gunners. Lists crew.

Letter from Alf Bowden, Alan Gibson rear gunner to Peter Clegg
Writes that he was enclosing copies of Mailly-le-Camp reports. Apologises that he could not provide crew photograph and add other information.

Folder description for collection
States that folder contains optional record of RNZAT pilot and his navigator of 166 Squadron at Kirmington. Gives details of Squadron Leader Alan Gibson AFC DFM and his navigator Flight lieutenant Charles Martin DFC.

Extract from log book of Squadron Leader Alan Gibson AFC DFM RNZAF
Extracts from the operational log book of Alan Gibson covering his tour of 31 operations on 166 Squadron.

His pilot on his first operation was Flight Sergeant Burnett. Pilot Officer Allen also flew on one operation with him.
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