Ottey, Ralph Alfrado


Ottey, Ralph Alfrado
R A Ottey


Four items. Three oral history interviews with Ralph Ottey (b. 1924) and a photograph. He was born in Jamaica and volunteered for the RAF. After training in the UK, he served as a driver with 617 Squadron at RAF Coningsby and RAF Woodhall Spa.




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Ottey, RA

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Ralph Ottey and Les Griffiths
Two airmen, Ralph Ottey (left) and Les Griffiths (right), standing in an arched doorway at 157 Cliff Gardens, Scunthorpe.

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Interview with Ralph Alfrado Ottey. Three
Ralph Ottey recounts an occasion when he came to the rescue of a local lady who found herself in difficulty while swimming in the local river.

Interview with Ralph Alfrado Ottey. Two
Ralph Ottey joined the RAF from Jamaica. After the war he returned to Jamaica. However, he had met the woman he was to later marry while based in the UK and returned to the settle here. He settled in Boston and had a long career with a local firm. On…

Interview with Ralph Alfrado Ottey. One
Ralph Ottey was born in Jamaica in 1924. Raised by his grandparents, he describes his education and the family hopes that he would become a teacher. He left school at 16 and a half but was too young to attend teaching college so worked for his uncle…
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