Page 20/Scanlon/Arnhem/Sept 44



Page 20/Scanlon/Arnhem/Sept 44


An extract from Fred's autobiography about Scanlon. Both men were flying close together when Scanlon's aircraft was shot down.


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[underlined] Page 20/Scanlon/Arnhem/Sept 44 [/underlined]

Shortly after briefing Scanlon – a typical Australian of Irish stock was throwing his brash noisy weight around which I found irritating

I remarked that he was typical of some of the "Colonial" troops – no sense of reserve or discipline [indecipherable word] observation which invariably got under their skin Scanlon took considerable umbrage and hooted "and I'll tell you what you are Ginger (hair was red in those days) you are a typical stuck up blue arsed Pommie bastard and those are only your first names"; I fell about laughing

Scanlon was flying on my port quarter over the target area At about 1000 feet in relatively close formation with no room for evasive action; the flak/cannon fire was ferocious. Scanlon was hit and slid away to starboard under my turret so close that he nearly knocked me out of it. I had a brief glimpse into his cabin. There was nothing recognisable there and the cockpit was a shambles.

He had come a long way from home to meet such a violent end

Arnhem was my last [missing word]

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The Wing Commander was shot down the next day



Fred Weston, “Page 20/Scanlon/Arnhem/Sept 44,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 9, 2022,

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