Eley, Jim


Eley, Jim
Norman James Eley
N J Eley


40 items. The collection concerns Jim Eley (163588 Royal Air Force) and contains his memoir and photographs. He trained in Canada and flew operations as a pilot with 514 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Jim Eley and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Eley, NJ

Collection Items

Jim Eley and Vampire
Jim Eley sitting on the port wing of a De Haviland Vampire Jet, submitted with caption; “First experience in a jet. North Luffenham June 1951.”)

Jim Eley and Five Pilots
5 seated RAF pilots, one reading a book, with Jim Eley standing at the rear between the 3rd and 4th seated individuals from the left, submitted with caption; “Reading pilots Notes before flying the Vampire at North Luffenham.”

Eight Airmen and Spitfire
Eight RAF personnel (at least 7 of whom are pilots) standing in front of a late model spitfire, submitted with caption; “Flying the Spitfire 22 and the Vampire 5 at 102 RFS North Luffenham, June 1951.”

24 RFS Presentation at RAF Kenley
Volunteer Reserve Sergeant and an RAF Officer receiving an aircraft propeller which has a presentation plate on it, submitted with caption; “No. 24 RFS winning the annual navigation trophy at Kenley June 1949”

Jim Eley
Jim Eley in front of DH82 Tiger Moth, submitted with caption; “Self at Rochester. Still flying the Tiger Moth.”)

Anson and Five Tiger Moths
Avro Anson V5584 FD-YF flying low past five stationary DH82 Tiger Moths, submitted with caption; “No. 24 RFS, Rochester.”

No 24 Reserve Flying School
Group of people in various uniforms and formal clothing gathered in front of the port side of an Avro Anson, submitted with caption; “Pilots and navigators, weekend flyers at No. 24 Reserve Flying School, Rochester, Kent, March 1949.”)

Four Airmen at Bari
4 RAF Personnel one holding a bottle of wine, submitted with caption; “Some of my crew at Bari, Italy, to pick up 20 Army personnel. Sept. 1945.”

Jim Eley
Two photographs of Jim.
Photo 1 is submitted with caption; “Self Dec. 1943”.
Photo 2 has Jim standing beside a Lancaster tyre and is submitted with caption; “At 514 Sqdn, Waterbeach.”

Don Dacre and Jim Eley
Flt/Lt D Dacre (left) and Flt/Lt NJ Eley (right), submitted with caption; “Flt.Lt. Don Dacre and Self at Leconfield, Yorks”.

Lincoln on dispersal next to a runway, submitted with caption; “One of our Lincoln bombers at Leconfield.”)

Four Rows of Airmen
RAF Personnel in front of a building with the words “Headquarters Gunnery School” emblazoned on the wall, submitted with the caption; “Officers at Central Gunnery School, Leconfield, Yorks. June 1954.”

Landing Incident Cartoon
Cartoon of a landed Tiger Moth with pilots standing to the side, surrounded by kittens with the caption; “Don’t ever land like that again Sutton!!” Submitted with caption; “Comical”.

Jim Eley and Group of Airmen
RAF Personnel and civilians in front of brickwall with 2 windows, submitted with caption; “RFS Oakington flying Harvards. June 1951.”

Jim Eley and Ten Ton Bomb
Jim straddling bomb, submitted with caption; “Ten ton bomb at Central Bomber Establishment, Marham, Norfolk.”

Lancaster in Flight
Air to air photograph showing Lancaster bomber in flight, marked as OJ-E, submitted with caption; “Local flying from Methwold March 1946”.

Lancaster in Flight
Air to air photograph showing a Lancaster in flight, marked as TK-A, submitted with caption; “Lancaster from Spilsby returning from flt. to Bari to pick up Army personnel. Sept. 1945”.

Le Culot Airfield
A vertical aerial photograph showing bomb damage to runways and surrounding area of airfield, submitted with caption; “Le Culot airfield in Belgium”.

Dreux Rail Facilities
A vertical aerial photograph of Dreux, with rail facility in lower left quarter. Main line runs from rail facilities to top right, with secondary line veering off to the right and curving down to bottom right hand corner. Town is above the railway,…

Argentan Marshalling Yard
A vertical aerial photograph showing rail marshalling yard at Argentan. Road running parallel to railway tracks from lower left to upper right (now D158) with another joining from top left (now D238A). Argentan railway station is visible opposite…

A vertical aerial photograph showing several new breaches in the sea defences with areas of land in process of being flooded. Submitted with caption; “Sea wall broken at Flushing.” Fort Rammekens is at the top of the photograph, with village of…

Walchern Floods
A very low level oblique aerial photograph of Walchern Floods, shows buildings partially submerged in water, submitted with caption; “Part of Holland flooded by Germans at Walchern.”

An oblique aerial photograph, just catching the starboard engines of the aircraft, is labelled as Wesel, showing almost total destruction of buildings. The prominent building top middle is Berliner Tor. The cleared road leading to it and around it,…

An oblique aerial photograph of Essen, photograph shows damage to buildings, submitted with caption; “Bomb damage to Essen.”

Cologne Bridges
An oblique aerial photograph of Cologne, showing destroyed bridges, submitted with caption; “Damage to bridges over the Rhine.”
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