Leaviss, Ted


Leaviss, Ted
Edward Derek Leaviss
E D Leaviss


42 items. The collection concerns Warrant Officer Edward 'Ted' Derek Leaviss (1818433 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, documents memorabilia and photographs.
He flew three Operation Manna operations as an air gunner with 460 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Irene Leaviss and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Leaviss, ED

Collection Items

Silk Map
1:200,000 scale double sided map, Germany on one side, northern France on the other.

Operation Manna route
Chart shows route for one flight. It has an inscription which reads 'No 576 Squadron, R.A.F. Fiskerton to Delft, 30 Apr 45, Lancaster G for George, Crew: Pilot F/O. Everitt, Nav Sgt B A Gilbert, BA Sgt T Royall, Eng F/S Kitchen, W/Op P/O. T…

Christmas card
Addressed to Irene and Ted, with a greeting in English but the printed greetings are in Dutch.

Items available from The British Gliding Association
An order form, the items available included books, pamphlets, ties, badges, log books, post cards and magazines. Not dated.

Operation Manna
An account of how the need for Operation Manna arose, how negotiations with the German accupying forces proceeded, how the operation was announced to the Dutch people and a summary of the Operation.

Operation Manna
An account of how the operation came about and evolved. Describes the events leading up to the need for food relief in Holland, a brief account of how the operation was set up and executed.

Operation Manna commemoration visit 1983
A detailed account of the visit made by a group ex aircrew who took part in Operation Manna who had been invited for a five day visit to commemorate Operation Manna.

460 Squadron unofficial history
Produced by 'Registration Research', it uses information from the squadron's operational record books. It records the major operations, gives periodic reviews, lists the changes in Officer Commanding and records events in the Squadron's history.

Ted Leaviss's Service and Release book
RAF form 2520A records that Ted Leaviss served from 8 Nov 43 to 1 April 47, was an Air Gunner and served in India from 10 December 45 to 10 January 1947.

Ted Leaviss's Federation Aeronautique Internationale Gliding Certificate
Certificate no 33277 that records that Ted qualified for his A,B and C certificates.

60 Year Royal Air Force Association badge
Metal lapel badge and reverse.

460 Squadron badge
Metal lapel badge and its reverse.

Ted Leaviss's ties
Ties from the various organisations Ted belonged to. They include ties from the Air Gunners Association, Royal Air Force Association,, Operation Manna, 460 Squadron, and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

Operation Manna button badges
Badge background are the Dutch colours of red white and blue in horizontal wavy lines. Silhouette of Lancaster dropping packages, with the wording Manna, 1945-1995, 50th Anniversary.

Memorial tile for Operation Manna
Tile and dedication presented to Ted. Tile shows two representations of the Lancaster, flying over a woman and child, with the outline of a town with a rising sun behind, with an inscription in Dutch.

Operation Manna medals and medallions
Medals and medallions presented to Ted Leaviss and others who attended the anniversary celebrations of Operation Manna in Holland in 1984 and later.
Medallion showing Lancasters dropping packages over a stylised Dutch landscape with 1945 and…

Ted Leaviss's name tag
Ted Leaviss's name tag, presented to him for the 40th Anniversary visit remembering Operation Manna. It has small silhouettes of the Lancaster and B 17 dropping food packages. It has his name, his squadron and the Union Flag. There are three…

Ted Leaviss's account of 40th anniversary of Operation Manna visit
Account of the visit to Holland arranged to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Operation Manna. The visit took place From Friday April 26th until Friday May 3rd 1985.

Ted Leaviss's decorations
1939-1945 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1039-45 and ribbons

Ted Leaviss's miniature decorations
1939-1945 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1039-45 and ribbons.

Air Gunners Association badge
Small square blue metal badge, image of air gunner's brevet in the centre, 'Air Gunners Association', bottom right, small RAF badge top left. Mounting pin on reverse.

Air gunners lapel badge
Gold coloured winged bullet lapel badge.

Two packs of playing cards
The packs are in a presentation case from the Amsterdam museum. They were presented to Ted Leaviss and all the other attendees to the 40 year celebration of Operation Manna in Holland in 1985.
Additional information about this item was kindly…

Warrant Officer's rank badge
Warrant officer cloth badge worn on lower sleeve.

Airman's hat badge
Brass hat badge worn by RAF airmen and non-commissioned officers.
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