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Thomson, Thomas
T Thomson


18 items. The collection concerns Flight Sergeant Thomas Thomson (1919 - 1991, 1366937 Royal Air Force) He flew operations as a wireless operator with 49 Squadron. It contains photographs, documents, a brief biography and a copy of E J Haddow's log book.

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Thomson, T

Collection Items

Three Airmen and a Grumman Goose
Three airmen standing at the front of a Grumman Goose, behind is a hangar. On the reverse 'AOC's Grumman Goose'.

Thomas Thomson, six airman and a damaged Lancaster
Six airmen on the ground and one airman at the damaged mid-upper turret of Lancaster 'EA-D'. On the reverse 'Uncle Tom on the left'.

Thomas Thomson's crew and a Lancaster
Thomas Thomson on the right of a group of six more airmen. They are standing in front of the nose of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'Uncle Tom on the right'.

Airman and Damaged Turret
An airman examining the damage to a mid-upper turret on Lancaster 'EA-D'. The plexiglass has been damaged.

Seven Airmen and a Damaged Wing
Two photographs of seven airmen standing underneath the damaged wing of a Lancaster. 'EA-D'.
On the reverse of the first photograph the annotation reads 'Uncle Tom on left'.
In the second photograph one of the men is pointing out some damage.

Thomas Thomson
Thomas standing in uniform in a garden. He is wearing his brevet. On the reverse 'Tom'.

15 Squadron Lancaster in flight
An air-to-air photograph of the starboard side of a Lancaster 'LS-M' from 15 Squadron. The wing and propellers of the other aircraft frame the image.

Thomas Thomson and his Bride
Thomas on his wedding day, standing with his bride, Kathleen Rogers, outside the church.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Thomas Thomson
A half-length portrait of Thomas, annotated 'With Love Tom'.

Thomas Thomson, five airmen and a Lancaster
Six airmen standing at the nose of a Lancaster. Thomas Thomson is second from the right.

E J Haddow’s navigator’s air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book
Navigator’s air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book for E J Haddow covering the period from 28 November 1943 to 26 September 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Wratting…

Letter to Thomas Thomson
The letter advises Thomas Thomson that he cannot purchase his discharge.

Thomas Thomson Notice Paper
Thomas' Notice Paper, Certified Copy of Attestation and Oath.

Airman's Pay Book
RAF Form 64 issued to Thomas Thomson in November 1940.

Provisional Authority to wear a 1939/45 Star, Aircrew Europe Star and Clasp
An advice note authorising Thomas Thomson to wear medals.

Thomas Thomson's Summons to Appear in Court
A summons for cycling without lights.

Certificate of Service
An uncompleted printed document referring to service in the forces.

Thomas Thomson
A brief biography of Thomas Thomson covering his years in the RAF and after.
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