Ramsey, Neil


Ramsey, Neil
Neil Gordon Creswell Ramsey
N G C Ramsey


Five items. An oral history interview with Flight Lieutenant Neil Ramsey DFC (b. 1919, Royal Air Force), two cartoons and two memoirs. He flew operations with 105 Squadron.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Neil and Susan Ramsey and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Ramsey, NGC

Collection Items

The Boggis Dicer
A cartoon of a Lancaster with only one engine running. A cartoon head is sticking out behind the cockpit saying 'This is no fun with one fan still running'. Two of the boffins [labelled] have parachuted out.

S/Ldr Smith Entertains at the Rose & Crown March 8th 1944
A cartoon featuring aircrew in their local pub. On a second sheet the names are handwritten and on a third sheet the names are overlaid on a copy of the cartoon.

Telecommunications Flying Unit, Defford
Neil Ramsey's account of his time at the Telecommunications Flying Unit, Defford, Worcester. The unit was divided into a defensive and an offensive section and because of his experience he was posted to the bomber section.
Various aircraft were…

People I remember at Defford
An article written by Neil Ramsey referring to a cartoon drawn by 'Budd'. He details the social life and personalities on the base including Ronnie Smith who flew a Lancaster under a Severn railway bridge. Reference is made of an Oboe reunion in…

Neil Ramsey flew operations as a pilot with 75 and 105 Squadron Pathfinders. Neil flew twin engine aircraft, including the Wellington and later the Mosquito. Neil talks about New Zealander Jimmy Ward, who was awarded a Victoria Cross. Neil Ramsey…
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