The RAF at Scott Field



The RAF at Scott Field


Item 1 is a newspaper cutting of two officers. Sir Guy Garrod congratulates Captain R W Hilgard on receiving a Distinguished Flying Cross.
Item 2 is a newspaper cutting about 5000 spectators viewing the Royal Air Force at Scott Field, St Louis.
Item 3 is a programme for St Louis Municipal Opera. There are several lipstick kiss marks and signatures.



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A BELLEVILLE OFFICER was awarded the British Distinguished Flying Cross in ceremonies at Scott Field yesterday. Capt. R.W. Hilgard of 127 S. Douglas st. is being congratulated by Air Chief Marshal Sir Guy R. Garrod (left) after the presentation.

5000 at Scott Field See RAF Planes
Highlighted by a parade and presentation of the British Distinguished Flying Cross to a Belleville Army Air Forces veteran, an open house for inspection of 15 planes of the Royal Air Force's Thirty-fifth Bombing Squadron was held for more than 5000 persons at Scott Field yesterday afternoon.
Throughout the day, visitors thronged the field to inspect facilities and view the British planes – famed night-bombing Lancasters – which are here as part of a good-will tour of the United States. In addition to the 15 bombers, a York, an RAF passenger plane, was also an exhibit.
A parade including all members of Scott Field's permanent personnel and the 207 RAF officers and men here was held at 4 p.m. passing before a reviewing stand where Air Chief Marshal Sir Guy R. Garrod, head of the RAF delegation in this country, stood.
Marshal Garrod presented the British DFC to Richard Hilgard of Belleville, former AAF Captain, in special ceremonies following the parade. Four officers and 11 enlisted men at Scott Field were given Army commendation ribbons by Col. Neal Creighton, commanding officer.
The visitors, who have been here since Sunday, will take off at 11.45 a.m. today and circle twice over St. Louis at noon and 12.15 p.m. before heading westward for their next stop at Lowry Field, Denver.

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[Programme for St. Louis Municipal Opera annotated with several red lipstick marks and signatures]

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