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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Missouri"

Top left - view down a bank covered with bare trees to a river below. Captioned 'Mississippi through the trees'.
Top right - two men wearing RAF tunic standing either side of a sailor. Captioned 'You, Me and Us two'.
Bottom left - on the left…


Distant view of a river running left to right with trees in bare front and square water treatment pools between. Captioned 'The Mississippi near the chain of rocks bridge'. A scan of the photograph is included.

Top left - in the foreground a star in flowers surrounded by masses of flora. captioned 'Inside the Jewel Box'.
Top right - In the centre a man wearing tunic and with hands clasped in front stands amid masses of flora with wooden roof on left.…

Distant shot of a large display greenhouse surrounded by parkland. Captioned 'The Jewel Box, St Louis'. Includes scan of photograph.

Top right - oblique aerial photograph over wing of open countryside at low level. Captioned 'Low flying'.
Middle left - oblique aerial photograph over wing of farmland. Captioned '1000' over Mindenmines'.
Bottom right - oblique aerial photograph…

Item 1 is a newspaper cutting of two officers. Sir Guy Garrod congratulates Captain R W Hilgard on receiving a Distinguished Flying Cross.
Item 2 is a newspaper cutting about 5000 spectators viewing the Royal Air Force at Scott Field, St…

A montage celebrating 35 Squadron's visit to Scott Field in July 1946. Included are crossed flags, a 35 Squadron badge, a sketch of a Lancaster and a sketch map of a location for a dance.

A map of North America with a route plotted on it. Airfields visited are listed from Gravely and back. It is captioned '"Operation Goodwill" 8th July to 29th Aug 1946.'
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