Battle of the Espero convoy. Part 4



Battle of the Espero convoy. Part 4


The destroyer Espero is sinking rapidly in a rough sea. Its stern is raised high into the air, exposing the rudder and propeller, whilst the bow is already submerged. Flames and smoke are engulfing the bridge. A lifeboat with survivors is visible on the left.

Label reads “10”; signed by the author; caption reads “(4) … l’Espero gravemente colpito, s’inchina paurosamente sù un fianco, e comincia il suo drama che doveva diventare leggendario nelle storie dei naufragi di guerra, quel drama, da cui 6 uomini soltanto, scamperanno per raccontarlo…”

Caption translates as: “(4)… The seriously damaged Espero listed heavily. Its tragedy, soon to become legendary in the tales of war castaways, begins. Only six men survived the tragedy to retell it…"

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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