List of documents concerning RAF Foulsham and discussion of photographs of 192 Squadron Mosquito



List of documents concerning RAF Foulsham and discussion of photographs of 192 Squadron Mosquito


List of documents Annex A to Annex H concerning RAF Foulsham and an incident involving the collision between a Halifax and a Mosquito on the ground. Includes correspondence with Royal Air Force museum and a history of 192 Squadron. Notes discussing photographs including one of Mosquito with tail mounted machine gun as well as some detail of aircraft radios.


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Annex A. extract RAF FOULSHAM
Annex B note from my Father 5/L AN Banks as S10 he interviewed the crews –
Annex “C” letter from my Father with his recollections. [sic] of the incident
Annex “D” Short history of RAF FOULSHAM – by Norfolk & Suffolk Air Museum hand out.
Annex “E” Corres K.M. Hunter RAF Museum Hendon
Annex “F” Extract. 192 SQN – janes’s
Annex “G” Extract RAF F1180 (ARC)
Annex “H” I have the original A-M Photo’s which were duplicated, kept by my Father. I regret my copies cant do justice; these are 150% of the originals. Hendon were sent copies in 1985. There was interest in Phot [sic] 4, note the Browning machine gun *barrel extending from the tail of the MOZZY. This was not an Air Ministry approved modification but a local initiative of the servicing F/Sgt. Hendon were aware that it was done but had no evidence of it until they received this Photo. The Mosquitos of 192 counter measures were Packed full of radios so the 4 front filling guns were removed. Some straight and level flight was necessary to operate the radios and German night fighters were active. The rear firing browning was their only defence from attack from behind. you can see a radio set fallen on the ground in front of the Mozzy.
This was a remarkable incident and must be very unusual to have been fully illustrated and documented to have come to light some time after the event. over to you. I thought if not already archived you might care to know about it.
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“List of documents concerning RAF Foulsham and discussion of photographs of 192 Squadron Mosquito,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 26, 2020,

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