Paolo Troglio

Photograph of P Troglio
The reverse of the photograph No.1 of P Troglio
Photograph of P Troglio
Reverse of a photograph No. 2
Second copy of photograph with P Troglio
Reverse side of photograph No. 3


Paolo Troglio


Series of three head and shoulder portraits of Paolo Troglio, in two slightly different poses, wearing a mixture Luftwaffe and Regia Areonautica insigna, ribbons and badges: Gefreiter insigna and Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42 medal; plus Campagna di Russia, Motorista, and Azioni di guerra trasporto badges, the latter with the crown removed. Some copies have been cropped as not to show the medals and badges. On the reverse, rubber stamps and filing codes.



Three b/w photographs


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