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16 men in improvised sports gear are standing or seated on a grass field with a football, with the shadow of a goal post on the right. A tree, some buildings and a barren ridge are visible. Date, place and signatures of the players are on the…


Four men in uniform are in a goods wagon, seated or lying on crates; Paolo Troglio is on the right, his legs dangling out. The barrel of a rifle is visible on the left.

Paolo Troglio is standing next to a stone and iron balustrade. A building with a shelter at street level is in the background. On the reverse: 'B'.

Head and shoulder portrait of Paolo Troglio wearing a mixture Luftwaffe and Regia Areonautica insigna, ribbons and badges: Gefreiter insigna and Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42 medal; plus Campagna di Russia, Motorista, and Azioni di guerra trasporto…


Paolo Troglio, in flying gear, is on the ladder of a SM.81 looking straight at the camera. He is carry a small bag round his waist whilst holding onto the aircraft port door handle with his left hand.


Five airmen, in combinations of dress uniform and flying gear, are standing or crouching on the grass in front of an hangar. Aviere Paolo Troglio, in overalls, is the first from the right. In the background some aircraft are parked under a canopy,…

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Paolo Troglio is stretching out the port side door of a SM.81, holding with his right arm to the handle. He is wearing a overall with a fur collar.


Three in various uniforms are standing in front of the port side of a Ro.37, parked on a hardstand. A side panel of the aircraft has been removed.


Photograph of P Troglio
Series of three head and shoulder portraits of Paolo Troglio, in two slightly different poses, wearing a mixture Luftwaffe and Regia Areonautica insigna, ribbons and badges: Gefreiter insigna and Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42 medal; plus Campagna…


Aviere Paolo Troglio joined the Regia Areonautica in 1941. He was posted in Italy, Greece, Albania, Russia where he became a prisoner of war. After his escape he was attached to a Luftwaffe logistic unit and later came back to Milan: he remained…

Paolo Troglio mentions his imminent departure from the Nidda prisoner of war camp, complains about the lack of letters and the delay in getting parcels, and finally urges them not to worry about him.

Giulio Troglio complains that his son Paolo hasn’t send news in the last 50 days and urges him to write and to share his service number; otherwise messages and parcels can’t be delivered to Oberchessen camp. Stresses how worried all family…

Anna Maria Serafini recalls her teenage life in Bologna as the fiancée of Luigi Pasetti, a civilian pilot later enlisted as torpedo bomber pilot. Describes how she got married and mentions Italian First World War pilot, Ferruccio Ranza, who acted as…

Paolo Racugno (b. 1917), recollects the February 1943 Cagliari bombing. Mentions scenes of destruction with wounded civilians and describes how he used his coat to protect two girls from falling debris.
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