Contents of Geoffrey 'Johnny' North's box of Bomber Command memorabilia



Contents of Geoffrey 'Johnny' North's box of Bomber Command memorabilia


List of contents of box including medals, badges, log book, insignia, membership cards, letters. photographs, memoir, service and other documents and a sketch.



Three page handwritten document


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Contents of Geoffrey “Johnny North’s box of Bomber Command memorabilia.

Five medals, mounted. Original box for D.F.C. plus Geoff’s comments.

Small set of 5 medals.

Box containing Bomber Command Clasp.

Box containing Caterpillar Badge, red-eyed, engraved.

2 x Insignia Air Ops 28-01-86 7-1392966 ① 8455-21-4794 ①8455-21-4795

Pathfinder Force Badge. – in sealed envelope.

Caterpillar Club Certificate of Membership.

RAF Observer’s and Air Gunners Flying Log Book.

1 Box containing 2 different R.A.F.A. badges.

2 Membership Cards for A.F.A. Association of Canada.
Named as “JOHN NORTH”, his preferred name while in RAF.

Several letters from Neil Bush, Geoff’s Navigator, one of the Canadian members of Bomber command. Mostly personal, but also includes up to date information of other Canadians they knew. ?428 Squadron.

Also references to navigation aids, which my

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father was involved with; his log of a trip to Bochum; and a suggestion that I ask Geoff to tell me of their trip to Peenemϋnde “a real interesting one”. And a copy of a photograph of Dalton, 428 Squadron, lat [sic] 1942 with a covering letter.

There is also a letter to me from Geoff, about radar, and the Bochum trip which is [deleted] describled [/deleted] [inserted] described [/inserted] in detail regarding Flak and “Mandrel” – well worth a read! If you would like me to translate his writing, please ask! Also mentions “Rebecca”.

Photograph of 29 course Gaydon, plus see reverse for information on some of the men.

Path Finder Force Badge Award – permanently awarded to Geoff of 21/2/45

Photograph of Geoff – discovered behind one of his sister Elsie, after she died. He had no memory of it being taken at all, even the cap was not his, so it remains a mystery.

Award of Pathfinder Badge dated 4/12/44 – only valid while a member of Pathfinder Force.

Notification of death of Neil Bush on 03/6/10.

Sketch by Buster, of F/O “Johnny” North DFC.
Highly polished buttons & shoes! Transferred to Pathfinder Force, based at Gravely, Cambs.

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Photograph of Lancaster, Gravely 35 Squadron. – details of crew on reverse. Sept 44 – Feb 45.

National Service Enlistment Notice dated 31/1/40.

Long Walk – original pages, plus my “interpretation”.

Letter from Solicitor showing my ownership.

Bomber Command clasp application.

R.A.F.A. Membership card.

Correspondence from Gravely to Geoff’s father

RAFA Membership card.

Pathfinder Assoc. Club. No. 1277.

RAF Officers Medical Record Card.

RAF service & release book.

Geoff’s provenance re. camp as POW on “Long March” ([deleted] 3 do [/deleted] 2 documents + 1 copy).


“Contents of Geoffrey 'Johnny' North's box of Bomber Command memorabilia,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 20, 2021,

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