Harrison, Richard


Harrison, Richard
Richard Harrison
Dick Harrison


10 items. An oral history interview with Richard Harrison (b. 1924, 1833947 Royal Air Force) a page from his log book and documents about gunnery training. Richard Harrison flew operations as a B-24 air gunner with70 Squadron, 231 Wing, 2015 Group in Italy.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Richard Harrison and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Harrison, R

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Richard Harrison was born in Cologne in 1924 to a German mother and English father. His desire to be aircrew was thwarted initially by a failed medical, something he later surmises could be on account of his mother’s nationality. A member of the…

51 Air Gunner course
Course details for the 51 air gunner initial training school and enemy aircraft gunnery school.

Air gunner turret instructions
A list of instructions on the use of a turret and its guns.

Bombs dropping onto B-24
Photograph 1 is a vertical image of bombs dropping from one B-24 onto a second.
Photograph 2 is the damaged B-24 on the ground showing the damage. Two crew are looking through the damaged areas.
The caption describes in some detail the events. The…

Gunnery and manoeuvring instructions
Details evasive manoeuvres and gunnery. Three paragraphs - 'Sighting' - Tail Gunner, Evasive Action - the 'Corkscrew' and Tail Gunner - aiming during the 'Corkscrew'.

Crew positions - B-24
A port side image of a B-24 Mk VI showing the eight crew positions.

13 Air Ground School
A list of the course at 13 air gunner school.

76 OTU Training Course
A list of the coverage of the eight week course at 76 Operational Training Unit.

The Crew's Gunners and Bomb Aimer bathing
Two photographs from a scrapbook.
Photograph 1 is two airmen, one a sergeant, standing with their hands in their pocket, the left hand airman is Ron Harrison. Behind is a tent. It is captioned 'The Crew's Gunnners'.
Photograph 2 is a naked airman,…

Page from Ron Harrison's log book
An extract from Ron Harrison's log book detailing his operations as an air gunner with 70 Squadron between 2 March 1945 and 24 March 1945. Details targets in Italy, Yugoslavia and Austria: Verona, Pola, Gemona, Padua, Monfalcone, Bruck, Pragersko and…
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