Letter from Spencer Lewis Belton to his father



Letter from Spencer Lewis Belton to his father


Letter from Sergeant Spencer Lewis Belton to his father. Refers to air raids in Wales, weather, leave, crops, visit to cinema, a death in the cinema and finally a comment about a piece of shrapnel that bruised his ribs, reported in Monday’s 'Mirror'. Reverse of envelope is annotated ‘76 bus at Bank to Victoria Station’.



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Two page handwritten letter with envelope


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[underlined] On His Majesty’s Service [/underlined]
S. Belton Esq.
Lodge Farm,
Southend on Sea.

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Sgts Mess,
R.A.F. Hemswell
Lincoln. 24/4/40.

Dear Dad,
Thanks for your letter. There are two or three boys here from S. Wales & they say there are a lot of raids there. Yes I think I shall get six days in August but I still don’t know which exactly. We have had some terrific thunderstorms & very heavy downpours but it has been fine for the last few days. There is a piece of peas out near here but I haven’t seen any corn yet. There is some barley getting
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quite ripe near too. But I don’t go up in the daytime very often so I don’t see much. I went to Lincoln to the pictures last night and I didn’t meet any of my old pals. There was someone died in the pictures with a horrible yell — nearly like Tarzan only not quite so loud. I am enclosing piece of shrapnel that hit me in the ribs Saturday night. You can see a piece of my harness sticking to it. I will bring home the thing that stopped it when I come home next. If you look on the front of Monday’s “Mirror” you will see a little piece about it. I have a nice bruise on my ribs.
Love from Lewis

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76 Bus at Bank
To Victoria Station


Spencer Lewis Belton, “Letter from Spencer Lewis Belton to his father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 21, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/779.

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