Bomb aimers briefing 20 January 1944 - Berlin



Bomb aimers briefing 20 January 1944 - Berlin


Indicated two bomb loads for operation. Includes preselection and false height settings as well as Window, route and route marking. On the reverse target marking, bombing instructions and spoof attack



Temporal Coverage

Spatial Coverage



Two sided form document filled in on front and handwritten on reverse


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AUW {A 64,516

{B 61,408

DATE 20-1-44.

[Underlined] BERLIN [/underlined]

[Table of bomb loads]

TV. 1000 TV. 1820.

Except a/c V.M.J.Q.P = 2,400 1/sec

LD’s 6 12 36. 72. 144.

10,526lbs. 7,384lbs

[Table of Preselection]

[Table of aircraft heights]

Petrol. 1900 galls + 50. Target Ht. 100’

Windows. RATE “C” TO WITHIN 40mls RATE D [deleted] REMAINDER HOME [/deleted] 40 – Δ – 40 RATE ‘C’ HOME

ZERO. 1935

Target. BERLIN WEIGT [sic] A 59,500 B 56,500 Effort. 616.

Method:- [Underlined] ROUTE [/underlined] BASE – A 5425-0800E (B) 5337-1055

(C) 5328-1240E TARGET H 5220 1330E

(D) 5138-1220E (E) 5207N 0750E

(F) 5330-0545E (G) 5340 0400E – BASE

[Circled] 38° [/circled]

[Table of aircraft]

[Underlined] Route out [/underlined] All A/C to pass North of 5400N 0500E to avoid Frisians before dark

[Underlined] METHOD [/underlined] MIXED [circled] W [/circled] & Para. [Underlined] ROUTEMARKER FLARES [/underlined] – Green with yellow stars

at Pos. P 5245N 0800E} OUTWARD BOUND

Pos. Q 5322N 1243E} OUTWARD BOUND


[Page break]

[Underlined] Open attack [/underlined] T I. RED. Aiming Point then marked T I Green & kept marked throughout attack.

[Underlined] In addition [/underlined] release point marked with bundles of flares RED with GREEN STARS

A/C should aim all bombs at centre of T I green if visible. If cloud conditions prevent TI’s being seen, main force A/C should aim at centre of all bundles of flare (Red + Green stars) while holding a heading of 165 M Bombsight True Ht & A/S with Zero wind.

[Underlined] Spoof attack [/underlined] Mosquitoes. with Bombs & TI red & Flares on KIEL. Other Mosquitoes will drop Spoof fighter flares to East of Target and will also drop a SPOOF ROUTEMARKER TI RED & FLARE RED at Posn. 5233N 1000E HOMEWARDBOUND.


“Bomb aimers briefing 20 January 1944 - Berlin,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 24, 2024,

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