Emmy Zoberbier and anonymous respondents


Emmy Zoberbier and anonymous respondents


Three accounts of the events at Landgraf-Karl-Straße.



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Record 5


Translated from the original in German: The Landgraf-Karl-Straße had also suffered a shower of incendiaries albeit a thinner one. According to the town official the following happened here:
An incendiary dropped through the roof of a house into a bath tub which had been filled with water which was intended to be used to extinguish fire. The bomb broke through the bottom of the tub and was extinguished by the water which was pouring down. Then the water ran down the stairs where a canister with phosphorous was starting a blaze. The water extinguished that too all by itself.
A similar story is being told about a larder. An incendiary had dropped in it. Through the heat, a lead pipe started to melt and the water which poured from the pipe extinguished the fire and the bomb.
A third piece is told by the occupational health nurse Miss Emmy Zoberbier who works for the public health office. Where she lives, Königstor 53, an incendiary dropped through the roof during an air raid two years ago. It did not do any damage. A few days after the raid, Mrs Schlunk goes up to the attic to tidy up her stall there. As she enters, she thinks: Who put the stove on? I haven’t had the heating on up here for years. The stove had burst. As she examines the stove, she finds a burnt-out incendiary bomb and its ashes where they should be: in the ash box.


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