Bomb aimers briefing 18 December 1944 - Gdynia



Bomb aimers briefing 18 December 1944 - Gdynia


Shows a single bomb load for operation to Gdynia with a further three aircraft carrying mines for gardening DUP. Includes preselection, distributor and false height setting, window and other details. On the reverse marking and bombing notes on two aiming points including master bomber role. Notes on routemarker and Window.



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Two sided form document partially filled in front and handwritten on reverse


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D – 6 X MK IV
U} – 5 X MK IV
P} – 5 X MK IV

DATE 18-12-44


[Table of bomb loads]

PETROL. 2154.

DISTRIBUTOR .15 [deleted] .15 [/deleted] 5 secs.

T.V. 1600


ALL UP. WEIGHT. 64,928

[Table of Preselect]

[Table of aircraft heights]

Anti-Fighter within 30 mls of Δ Rate D.
Anti-Flak – Rate “D” over Δ & on track if engaged.


[Underlined] Gardening [/underlined] 500yds stick spacing. Hart, Wood, Daggett.

In emergency mines may be jettisoned live over the sea East of the East Coast of Denmark.

[Boxed] Y Hayler
T Plenderleith. [/boxed]

Nav. 1300
Capt. 1330
Main 1400

[Page break]

[Underlined] Aiming Pt. A [/underlined]

H-10, 8, 6, 4. Flares

Crews to attack between H-9 & H-4. Aiming centre bomb visually.

[Underlined] WS & D. [/underlined] H-13 Controller transmits WS & D on VHF stud [underlined] D [/underlined] & on W/T Prefixed by letter “N” If no bombing wind received by H-13 the met. bombing W/V issued before take off is to be used.

If strip cannot be seen “A” force are to stand off and obey controllers instructions for the primary target.

[Underlined] Aiming Pt B [/underlined]

H-11 Primary Yellow TI blind.

H-10,8,6,4. Flares.

H-10 or as soon as poss. have visual markers mark Marking Point with a stick of 5 TI spaced at 100x interval.
Red, Green, Red, Green, Red & will be SE/NW.

Master Bomber to assess posn of these TI’s & will select most accurate marker instructing force B to aim centre bomb of the stick at it using a false wind vector which will be b’cast at H-5.

T.O.T. for A.PT “B” is H to H+6.

[Underlined] Bombing Hdg [/underlined] Last track of approach to the target.

[Underlined] WS & D [/underlined] Controller transmits at H-5 stud D a vector wind & on W/T Prefixed by letter “V”.

[Underlined] Routemarker [/underlined] Green TI cascading 10,000’ at 5607N 1550E White Flashing TI Flashing V Vic at 5450N 1820E.

Window – 8 PKGS – MC –
8 PKGS – A –

[Underlined] If the marking is U/S [/underlined]

Controller may instruct to overshoot the primary Yellow TI overshooting by – secs.

If a smoke screen a concentrated stick of Red & Green TI’s will be dropped


“Bomb aimers briefing 18 December 1944 - Gdynia,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 23, 2023,

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