Letter from David Boldy to his parents



Letter from David Boldy to his parents


Letter from David Boldy to his mother and brother. Discussed new cleaning task that he has been completing around; mentions two restaurants he visited and a date he failed to attend; showed interest in joining the aircrew and speaks about the observer’s course.




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Two page handwritten letter


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923995 AC2. BOLDY D.A.
R.A.F. Station Drem.
East Lothian.
7 [underlined] th [/underlined] June, 1940.

My darling Mum & Steve,
No letter to-day as no one went down for the mail due to some sort of work we were doing to-day. They seem to have put us to work now. What I did to-day puts Cinderella in the shade.
A few of us had to sweep out & clean the N.A.A.F.I (canteen) & 2 cleaned up & swept the back yard & moved the bins & God knows what else. Incidentally the government is still appealing for Air Crews. A number of us are thinking of applying for it! Still I didn’t think we will we have more than another fortnight.
Last evening some of us went to the Café (The Parachute) just outside the camp, & had something to eat. It is a very nice place & we have quite an amusing Time.
It was a bit cooler to-day

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and we found it much easier to work. Yesterday it was ghastly. Two of us had a date in Edinburgh but we couldn’t get off, so those poor girls must have hung around for a bit & then gone away.
Apparently it is worth getting through the Observer’s course as the time between which you are made a Sergent [sic] observer and the Time you go into action is pretty easy & you have a good Time. This actual training however is a terrific course. After all this inactivity makes activity in the wrong direction most of us will [undecipherable word] to glad to settle down to our real work.
I shall probably write to Dad tomorrow if I can get some thin paper. If Cecil phones again please get his address.
No more to-day. God bless you both.
[underlined] Love Dave [/underlined]



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