Friend and beach



Friend and beach


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Top left - Christine Dawson riding on a toy horse in a garden with fence in the background. Top right - Christine Dawson between a woman kneeling and a man squatting in a garden. Middle - a woman standing in a garden holding Christine Dawson with house in background. Bottom left - Joy and Stephen Dawson squatting down in a garden with Christine Dawson and another man in dark suit on the left. House in the background. Bottom right - Christine Dawson standing in garden pulling up side of skirt. Bottom half of adult visible on the left. Captioned 'Pee-Wee - Quick'. All captioned 'With Aunty Bunny and Uncle Syd, June 51'.

Right page title 'a nudist on Southbourne beach!, August 51'.

Top left - Christine Dawson with Joy Dawson kneeling behind her on the beach. Top right - Christine Dawson sitting in sand with bank in background. Bottom right - Christine Dawson sitting in shallow water with Stephen Dawson squatting on the right. Bottom right - Christine Dawson lying on the sand with deckchairs in the background.



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nine b/w photographs mounted on two album pages


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