RAF Middleton St George Photography Section



RAF Middleton St George Photography Section


Photograph 1 is of eight airmen in two rows and is signed by seven of the individuals. Captioned 'R.A.F. Middleton St George, S.H.Q. Photo Section. 3rd April 1942.'

Photograph 2 is of an airman in battledress carrying a Thompson machine gun and wearing a helmet and gas mask haversack. The photograph is signed and dated. Captioned: 'Ready for the invasion, 24th [blank] 1942, Bob Gleave'.

Photograph 3 is of five airmen lying on bunks and making 'V' signs with their fingers. Captioned 'Night Ops. S.H.Q. Photographic Section. Bill Maxwell Chris Carruathers [sic] Arthur Carr R.G.C. Bill Welesby. 22 Jan 1942.'

Photograph 4 is of three airmen in an office with a world map and training aids.. One is standing beside a camera, one is sitting in front of a screen with a name plate under his chin and the third is seated with an aerial camera in his lap. Captioned 'Lecture Room, S.H.Q. Photographic Section, Frank Ashworth R.G.C. Bill Welesby.'

Photograph 5 is of two airmen in helmets and haversacks, one with a Thompson machine gun. Reginald George Cavalier is on the left with a pipe in his mouth. Captioned 'On guard. Jack Cuthbert, Me. 24th April 44.'



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Five b/w photographs on an album page


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