Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter from Leading Aircraftsman David Boldy to his father about being on leave from the Royal Air Force with his brother Steve and Peter, a friend who was wounded in the Navy. He has completed the initial course and awaits posting to navigation school. He sends a photo in flying kit. Steve is more than half way through his medical training, and they got to play tennis in Torquay.




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From D. A. Boldy.
D Flight, No 3 Squadron,
No 5 I.T.W.
R.A.F. Torquay.

R.A.F. Torquay.
28th August. 1940.

My darling Dad,
Thanks for your letter. I am glad to hear you are back at work & hope you have a successful season.
About ten days ago I came back from my week’s leave. I had a wonderful time & thoroughly enjoyed myself. Steve also took a week’s leave. Peter my friend who had joined the navy was also in London on 28 days sick leave as he had been wounded. He is quite allright [sic] now. All of us felt terribly tired out when we got back as we had hit the hay, but it was worth it.
I have finished the initial course & now await posting to a navigation school. My average for the whole was 90%. At the moment we are still doing the same as before, drill, P.T. & lectures. I am enclosing a photograph of myself in flying kit, I hope you like it. It is rather a good one. I haven’t been up yet but will go up at the next place.
The weather has been very good. I have have [sic] had some very good tennis & won two
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mixed doubles tournaments at the Torquay Club. I got 5/- each time. We swim now & again. I had a good swim yesterday. We still do a lot of work though & seem to feel perpetually tired. [indecipherable word] everyone remarked how fit I looked. We have had several warnings since I have been back & [deleted] Lodon [/deleted] London is having a number. They don’t worry us at all, we can take it & some day the Jerries are going to get a mouthful they won’t be able to swallow.
I only realised a short time ago that Steve had got through more than half his course. Another two years & he should be a qualified Doctor. Good for him. I have now been over 4 months in the R.A F. I am an L.A.C. (Leading Aircraftsman) & earn, £3 10s a fortnight. No more Today.
God bless you
[underlined] Love Dave. [/underlined]



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