Aircrew with a car and Lancaster nose art



Aircrew with a car and Lancaster nose art


First, David, in uniform and officer's hat, sat on the bonnet of an Austin car with the registration number CMP 502. There is a second man sat in the driving seat, looking out of the car window. The vehicle is parked on grass land with Nissen huts in the back ground with trees and utility pole in the distance.
Second, the nose of a Lancaster with the cartoon of a bare breasted woman painted under the cockpit. There is a bomb tally alongside.
Third. a bare headed David in uniform with his sergeants' stripes on his sleeve and bomb aimer's brevet above his left breast pocket. David is standing next to a wooden picket fence with a utility pole behind.
Fourth, three men in uniform standing alongside a single storey brick building, outside an open door labelled 'bombing section'. Two of the men are wearing officers hat with the third in a side cap. All have brevets above their left breast pockets.
Fifth is David Charles Davies in uniform leaning against a tree in front of a four storey building.

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“Aircrew with a car and Lancaster nose art,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 3, 2023,

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