Personnel at Blackpool



Personnel at Blackpool


The top photograph shows 5 men in military uniforms. The photograph is annotated with names of the men in the photograph.
Bottom left shows a group of men and women outside a building with an indecipherable sign, which reads "HURST" on the bottom. The men are in military uniforms.
Bottom right shows a group of men and women. The front row are sitting while the back row behind them are standing. The group is in front of hedge and a building.
The pages of the album read "Blackpool -May 1941" and "Blackpool".
The reverse of the top photograph shows "Rapide, 38. Central Blackpool". Also written on the photograph is the date "7 Jul 1941".
The bottom right image shows "Blackpool July 1941" and "Best Wishes from" and some indecipherable handwriting.

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Three b/w photographs


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