Appendix VIII: Malta - Sunk Vessels - April 1942



Appendix VIII: Malta - Sunk Vessels - April 1942


A two-page report listing various classes of ship and the damage each vessel received.

Temporal Coverage

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Two page typewritten report


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[inserted] appendix VIII [/inserted]
[underlined] MALTA- SUNK VESSELS- APRIL, 1942 [/underlined]
[underlined] M.V. “PAMPAS” [/underlined] –
At Marsa. Resting on bottom. Top deck just above water. Vessel broken aft No. 2 hold but top deck joins the two sections. Many bomb hits in Engine Room ([indecipherable]ships) also in 4 and 5 holds. Vessel shows buckling aft at 4 and 5 holds as though the stern were resting on a hard place or bump. A recent explosion in 4 hold has blown out the ship’s side. Vessel has burnt fiercely for some days. The fore part (Nos. 1 and 2 holds and the bow) could be saved intact. The aft part is a wreck. Divers made an examination aft, but much damage has been done since then and the extent of the damage is not known.
[underlined] M. V. “TALABOT” [/underlined] -
Sunk in the middle of Grand Harbour by our own depth charges after having been set on fire by enemy bombs. Has been hit again since in several [indecipherable word] places and been on fire heavily.
Extent of damage not known. Is considered to be a wreck.
[underlined] H. M. S “[indecipherable word]” [/underlined] -
Lying on her side with about 6 feet above water at [indecipherable words]. Full/ cargo. Has bee n on fire.
[underlined] H. M. S. “MAORI” [/underlined] -
Sunk at mouth of French Creek. Bomb hits and explosion after end Machinery Compartments and Warhead Magazine. In 45 feet of water (approx..).
[underlined] H. M. S. LEGION [/underlined] -
Several bomb hits and large explosion. Vessel wrecked and submerged on her side at Boiler Wharf.
[underlined] H. M. S. “PANDORA” [/underlined] -
Bombed and sunk at Hamilton Wharf. Not yet examined by divers.
[underlined] GREEK SUBMARINE “GLAUCOS” [/underlined] –
Bombed, broken and sunk at Hamilton Wharf (Inner)
[underlined] “[indecipherable word]” (Oiler) [/underlined] –
Sunk alongside Parlatorio Wharf. Fore and aft boat deck above water. Several bomb hits and near misses. Vessel badly damaged in Engine Room and the after part.
[underlined] H. M. S “KINGSTON” [/underlined]-
Bombed, broken in two, submerged on her side in No. 4 dock. If possible pump out No. 4 Dock, break up vessel saving fittings, installations, etc. The large leaks through the bombed gaps in the masonry may prove beyond [indecipherable word] capacity of the dock pump.
[underlined] H. M. S. “LANCE” [/underlined]-
Bombed many times and sunk in No. 2 Dock. Vessel fairly upright. Stern is submerged but the topsides amidships and the forecastle are above water. Fittings, etc., are being stripped where possible. The caisson of this dock has also been badly damaged. The dock pump is at present out of action. If caisson is found to be repairable, then dock might be pumped, holes in vessel closed, vessel floated for eventual re-docking. But the true state of affairs is still indefinite.
[underlined] [indecipherable]. “ESSEX” [/underlined]-
Vessel beached at [indecipherable word] for safety. The machinery was damaged by enemy action and replace portions have been ordered from U. K. At least 6 months required after receipt of machinery. No dock available at present.
[underlined] TRAWLER “CORAL” and LIGHTER “X. 131” [/underlined] –
In No. 5 dock. “Coral has been further damaged and appears to be now a wreck.
“X. 131” is submerged aft.
This caisson received bomb hits. If and when the dock can be pumped out (the dock pump is common to 2 and 3 Docks) “CORAL” will have to be demolished. Extent of damage to stern of “ X. 131” is not yet known.
[page break]
[underlined] H. M. S. Abingdon [/underlined]-
On the beach on her side in 2 pieces. Considered a Total wreck. No urgency.
[underlined] DRIFTER “GIRL MARGARET” [/underlined]-
Burnt out, splinter damage beached at [indecipherable word] Creek. Vessel flooded. About 4 months work, but vessel not in hand.
[underlined] TUG “[indecipherable words]” [/underlined]-
Badly damaged, sunk at Boiler Wharf.
[underlined] H. M. S “GALLANT” [/underlined]-
Fore part missing. Beached at Pinto Wharf. Splinter holes, vessel flooded. Requires divers to plug holes, pump out, float up, build new fore end. At least 6 months after receipt of all steel materials.
[underlined] TUG “ANCIENT” [/underlined]-
Beached at Marsa. Bomb damage, splinter holes. Hull temporarily repaired. Boiler destroyed.
[underlined] DRIFTER “SUNSET” [/underlined]-
Sunk in harbour. Not yet examined.
[underlined] TUG “[indecipherable word]” [/underlined]-
Bombed and sunk off Somerset wharf. Badly damaged forward of bridge.
[underlined] [indecipherable words] No. 15 [/underlined]-
Bombed and sunk off Somerset Wharf. Bomb hole patched by divers.
Locally made pontoons or air chambers installed in hold of vessel. Salvage work was stopped by enemy attacks.
[underlined] “MOOR” (MOORING VESSEL) [/underlined]-
Blown up by enemy action and sunk inside breakwater in fairly deep wate. Not examined. Probably a twisted wreck.
[underlined] H. M. SUBMARINE “P. 39” [/underlined]-
Broken in two. Beached at Marsa ; since then bombed further damaged and now almost submerged.
[underlined] H. M. SUBMARINE “P. 56” [/underlined]-
Sunk in [indecipherable word] Harbour.
[underlined] FLOATING CRANE NO. 4. [/underlined]-
Bombed, broken, hull on fire, sunk completely wrecked.
[underlined] [indecipherable]ATER BOAT “[indecipherable]” WATER BOAT “CLINKER” [/underlined] –
Sunk. Not examined. Condition unknown.
[underlined] WATER BOAT “MONKEY” [/underlined]-
Sunk and back broken.
[underlined] TUG “ANDROMEDA” [/underlined]-
Sunk. Not examined. Condition unknown.
[underlined] TRAWLER “JADE” [/underlined] –
Bombed, sunk at Somerset Wharf. Not yet examined. Condition unknown.
[underlined] [indecipherable word] [/underlined]-
Italian Merchant Ship, prize, ,medium sized cargo [indecipherable word] Sunk in Kelkara Creek. Condition not known.
[underlined] “ADIGE” [/underlined]-
Small Cargo Vessel (Italian). Damaged and [indecipherable words] Kelkara Creek.
[underlined] “MARGIT” [/underlined]-
Old condemned vessel sunk in [indecipherable words]
[underlined] TUG O.350 [/underlined]-
Bombed and sunk again.


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