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Lambert-Brown, Peter
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12 items. The collection concerns Peter Lambert-Brown (b. 1933 Royal Navy). A collection of documents compiled for the Admiralty detailing the bombing of the Royal Navy Dockyards in Malta. The collection covers the siege of Malta and includes the various vessels and docks that were damaged, and the repairs that were undertaken carried out.

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LambertBrown, P

Collection Items

History of Malta Dockyard During War
A letter written by the Commodore Superintendent Piers Keane Kekewich to the Admiralty, detailing the various reports on the the Malta Dockyard during the war.

Appendix I. Malta dockyard - period of siege 1940-1943
When Italy entered the war in 1940, air raids were conducted over key military targets and peaked during the first half of 1942. Attacks ceased altogether by 1943 once Italy had surrendered. The various dockyards maintained efforts to keep ships in…

Appendix II: Workmen
A report comparing the number of workers in Malta’s dockyard in September 1939 to V.E. day.

Appendix III: New Construction at Malta
A small table showing the type and number of vessels that were made from supplied parts in Malta.

Appendix IV. Large collision & enemy action repairs carried out since September 1939
List of 68 vessels that were docked in Malta’s yards for repairs from September 1939: Chenonceaux, Franconia, Garland, Keppel, S.S Cornwall, Imperial, Decoy, Hotspur, Havock, Andromeda, Illustrious, Coral, Beryl, Essex, Ploughboy, Encounter,…

 Appendix V(a, b, c, d) Vessels Docked at Malta
A list detailing the different types of vessels that were docked at Malta between September 1939 and May 1945. Classes of ship are listed with the number of each vessel that was docked. Ships also refitted at the docks are recorded, by name and how…

Appendix V(e) Selection from Lists of Articles Manufactured by Constructive Department. H.M. Dockyard. Malta for Army, Air Force and Civil Government Since June 1940
A list detailing items intended for use by the armed forces manufactured in the dockyards of Malta. The list also details the number of each individual article manufactured since June 1940.

Appendix V(f): Letter to the Commodore Superintendent
Letter written by a manger an engineering department, detailing the work done by the department sent to the Commodore Superintendent.

Appendix VI- Table of Raids
Each page documents a table of attacks on the docks of Malta. The air raids detailed in the table record the raid number, number of casualties, damage (both place and extent) and damage to ships and equipment.

Appendix VII- Docks
Report containing the damage to the docks and ships in Malta. Provides updates on the repairs and subsequent hits of both the ships and the docks.

Appendix VIII: Malta - Sunk Vessels - April 1942
A two-page report listing various classes of ship and the damage each vessel received.

 Four-page list of various manufactured articles
Work completed, manufactured, erected or repaired items with the quantity of each listed item. Includes the reproduction in bronze of a citation of the president of the USA and H.M. The King’s letter awarding the George Cross to be mounted on the…
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