Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter from David Boldy to his father with general conversation about attending St. Paul’s School in Darjeeling. Discusses school activities and mentions meeting his mother tomorrow.




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Two page handwritten letter


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11 3 33. 1933.

My darling Daddy.
We have arrived safe and sou [inserted] n [/inserted] d. Thank God. We saw `Mum [inserted] m [/inserted] y yesterday. We are still in Cotton Hall Dorm. I am in the 4. [underlined] th [/underlined] form. It is not very cold up here. I will try very hard and not play the fool at all. I have got a bed for Sunno next to me, so he will be quite alright. You will be glad to hear that I passed my theory exam with honours. I got 89. The other two boys also got honours, one got 83 and the other got 81. In my dorm, out of about 33 boys at least 15 have got watches, and last year out of the same number there were about two boys with watches. I hope everything is alright at home. Never mind we will soon be back again. It did not rain when we came up. Every Saterday [sic] is a half holiday Forms VI to IV are allowed on walking leave on Saterday's [sic]

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Sunday's and holidays. We will see Mummy tomorrow. I think are [sic] first season in games is Cricket. A boy called Walker is the Captain of the School, he is quite a nice boy. Stevie the boy and myself went to the market to buy four pairs of socks and we got them for 5 annas a pair, isn't that cheap. Our first Exam will be next Saturday, It will be an essay on our holidays or something of that sort. [deleted] I [/deleted] My form master is M [underlined] r [/underlined] Doherty.
I think we are having pictures today with the schools own machine. The School's machine is a small one, and the films are silent. Wehave [sic] sent you both the tins of Guava jelly as we would have found it difficult to carry a tin like that up to school. So please keep it yourself and don't bother to send it to us. We have just been given our books. I am ending now with lots of love and kisses
from your loving
son [underlined] David. [/underlined}



David Boldy, “Letter from David Boldy to his father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 20, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/433.

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