Thornhill, Ted


Thornhill, Ted
E B Thornhill


38 items. The collection concerns Sergeant Ted Thornhill (b. 1921, 1426742 Royal Air Force) and Corporal Constance Thornhill (2049455 Royal Air Force). It contains documents, items, correspondence and photographs. Ted Thornhill flew operations as a wireless operator / air gunner but was shot down and became a prisoner of war. Connie Thornhill served in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

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Thornhill, EB

Collection Items

Ted Thornhill's Service and Release Book
RAF Form 2520A issued to Ted Thornhill.

Connie Thornhill's Service and Release Book
RAF Form 2520B issued to Connie.

Address Book
24 pages of an address book.

Letter to Connie Thornhill from B Parrott
She thanks her for her letter. She has heard from Teddy too. She asks about recovering his possessions from the RAF.

Letter to Connie Thornhill from Judy Mansbridge
Judy has just heard that Ted is a prisoner of war. She tells her news from her new station.

Connie Thornhill (nee Crowther) and five WAAFs.
On the reverse 'Hereford May 2nd 1942 Irene Edith Joyce Connie Dorothy Alice'.

Connie Thornhill
A head and shoulders portrait of Connie. On the reverse 'WAAF Cpl CE Thornhill 2049455 Service 1940 to 1945 Married Oct 26th 1943'.

Ted Thornhill, Crew and Their Lancaster
Seven airmen in front of their Lancaster. On the reverse '1943 Lancaster Ted's Crew'.

WAAF NCO Admin School March 29 to April 19 1944
42 Airwomen arranged in four rows in front of a wooden hut. It is annotated 'NCO Admin School Wilmslow March 29th to April 19th 1944'. On the reverse many of the WAAFs have signed their names.

Jack Bower
A view of the side of Jack Bower flying his Lancaster. On the reverse 'Jack Bower RCAF'.

Six aircrew and a Lancaster
Six airmen crouched down in front of a Lancaster with its engines running. On the reverse '1943 Lancaster Ted's Crew'.

Ted Thornhill and Colleague
Ted and a friend engaged in sporting activities. Ted has a baseball and ball. His friend has an American football and catcher's glove. They are dressed in shorts. Behind are Nissen huts. On the reverse 'To the sweetest girl in the world. From the…

Ted Thornhill, Crew and Lancaster
Six aircrew with Ted on the left standing in front of their Lancaster. On the reverse 'Edward Benjamin Left'.
A second copy has on the reverse '1943 Lancaster Ted's Crew Woodall Spar [sic] (619)'

Ted Thornhill
Three head and shoulders portraits of Ted.
#1 Ted as a trainee
#2 Ted as a trainee. On the reverse 'Ted Thornhill'.
#3 Ted smoking a pipe. On the reverse 'WOP-AG POW Germany 1943 to 1945' and on a post-it 'EB Thornhill with Dunhill pipe. Pipe…

Ted and Connie Thornhill's Wedding
Ted and Connie on their wedding day. On the reverse is a post it with '26/Oct/43 EB Thornhill CE Crowther. Horbury. Wakefield'.

Berlin Again a Mass of Fire after RAF Raid
A newspaper report on the bombing of Berlin.

Congratulations from the Caterpillar Club
A card accompanying the Club lapel pin awarded to Ted.

Ted Thornhill's Baptism Certificate
Ted's baptism certificate

Ted Thornhill's Copy of Birth Certificate
A copy of Ted's birth certificate.

Letter to Connie Thornhill from Air Ministry
The letter advises her on her allowances.

Telegram from Ted Thornhill to Connie Crowther
Ted advises he has leave and Connie is asked to arrange their wedding on the 26th or as soon as possible.

Telegram from Connie Crowther to her Parents
Coming home Sunday night
Wedding Tuesday very quiet
Love Connie

Letter to Ted Thornhill's Mother from Central Depository
The letter advises that Ted's personal effects will be sent by train.

Letter to Ted Thornhill's wife, stationed at RAF Bitteswell, from a squadron leader at RAF Bitteswell
The writer regrets her husband is missing and advises her not to give up hope.

Letter to Ted Thornhill's Wife from Air Ministry
The letter advises that Ted is a prisoner of war.
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