Recipe for bitter ale



Recipe for bitter ale


Gives required ingredients and preparation instructions.





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[underlined] Bitter Ale [/underlined] – 4 gallons.

[underlined] Ingredients [/underlined] – 3 lbs Malt Extract – from Boots – cheaper.
3 lbs White granulated sugar.
3 1/2 ozs. Dried hops.
Yeast – White Label Worthington or Grey Owl British Ale.

[underlined] Yeast starter [/underlined] 1. 48 hours before making beer, prepare starter. Pour carefully the Worthington into a glass, leaving sediment & about 1” of liquid in bottle. Add to bottle 1 desertful of malt extract, 1 dessertspoonful of sugar & a pinch of citric acid, or 2 drops of lemon juice. Fill to the shoulder with warm boiled water (<75° F), shake well, plug neck with cotton wool & leave in warm place for 48 hrs, or until working. If using British Ale yeast, use a medium medicine bottle and the same process.

[underlined] The Ale [/underlined]

Bring to the boil 12 pints of water and when boiling add two level teaspoonsful of salt and immerse the hops (contained in an old clean stocking) and simmer for 45 minutes.

While this is simmering, put into a plastic dustbin the 3lbs. sugar, 3lbs. malt, 1/2 level [word deleted] teaspoonful citric acid and 2 level teaspoonsful of gravy browning.

Pour into this the 12 pints of water, throw out the stocking & hops & stir well until all dissolved.

Add 21 pints of cold water and allow to cool whilst covered. When temperature <70° F add the starter, stir well, and let stand for 6-7 days – covered.

[underlined] Bottling [/underlined] – Quart cider bottles are best – very clean. Syphon from dustbin 32 pints into the bottles, 1” from bottom of stopper. Put 1 good teaspoonful of gran. sugar into each bottle – stopper down – and leave for ideally 2 [indecipherable word]



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