Letter to E B Jensen from Miss M J Robertson



Letter to E B Jensen from Miss M J Robertson


Writes of burial of three Canadian officers, one of whom was their son Oscar, in a local cemetery. Describes the cemetery and funeral. Explains that they had no film to take a photograph and offers sympathy.




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The Cottage, Edzell,
Angus, Scotland,
28th August, 1942.

Mr. E.B. Jensen,

Dear Sir, - I hope you will pardon me taking the liberty of writing to you. I have put off doing so for two weeks but still feel I ought to write, so here I am now.

Three young Canadian officers were laid to rest in a cemetery not far from where I live. The name of one was: Sgt. O.K.L. Jensen, your son, I expect. Need I say our heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and yours in your loss. I expect all the information you got was "Killed on active service." I am not allowed to add anything to that meantime.

I thought you might like to know where your boy's last resting place is. The cemetery is a little country one on high ground about three miles from here. The funeral was on the 14th August. A friend and I went to see the graves a day or two later and found them covered with wreaths and bunches of flowers. The cemetery keeper told us the coffins were covered with flags. The bugle sounded the Last Post

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and there was a firing party present. They each have their own resting place, not all in one grave. I wished I could have taken a snapshot to send to you, but at present we can't get a film for the camera. If we are spared till the war is won I will try to send you a little snapshot of the place. Who knows but someday you may come over and see it for yourselves. On the Sunday our minister spoke about the gallant lads who had given their lives and he prayed for the homes and loving hearts out in Canada that would be mourning the loss of their dear ones.

A lot more Canadian boys have given their lives lately and there will be many more sore hearts.

Somehow I felt a personal interest in the three lying not so far away. I'm just a plain working woman and can't write a grand letter, but if it helps you parents just a little bit to hear about your boys, I will feel glad I wrote.

With deepest sympathy, yours sincerely,




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