Bibury and Rendcomb



Bibury and Rendcomb


Top page:
Top left - four women and a child standing in a winter village street with cars on the right and houses in the background.
Top right - a crowd of men and women and one child being carried making their way into a stone building with sign and poster either side of doorway.
Bottom left - two men and a woman sitting and one woman standing in front of carved wooden furniture. Photographs on the wall above.
Bottom right - a man and a woman sitting and another man bending down to talk to the seated man, Carved wooden furniture against wall and photographs on wall above.
Caption on spine 'Bibury - launch of Dick's book, February 15 1985, Arlington Mill'.
Bottom page: pictures orientated horizontally
Caption on spine - 'Rendcomb from stables', 'Coln Rogers', Worms Head 1938'..
Left - view of row of buildings in trees including church at left end.
Middle - view of small hamlet with church at left end.
Right - view out to sea with two islands in the distance.



Temporal Coverage




Four colour and three b/w photographs mounted on two album pages


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