Belsen Beast trials



Belsen Beast trials


Three photographs, the first page has two photographs of a line of male guards, walking on a path around a space watched by a crowd of British servicemen, building in the background. Captioned 'Kramer The Beast of Belsen' added later (Hanged)'.
Second page, one photograph of three female guards walking round the same space again watched by a crowd of British servicemen, also a newspaper cutting discussing the forthcoming trials of the Belsen guards.



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Three b/w photographs and one newspaper cutting on two album pages


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The Beast of Belsen


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‘Belsen Beast’ Trials First

Montgomery’s H.Q., Germany, Saturday.

THE beast of Belsen – Joseph Kramer – and the women torturers from the guards of the notorious concentration camp will be the first war criminals to be tried, according to official reports at Field-Marshal Montgomery’s H.Q.

The trials, however, may not take place for a month, but all those arrested at Belsen or through Belsen will be charged.

They are understood to number between 50 and 60.

The charges are now being drawn up. It is understood that separate charges will be made against each person.

[italics] The trial is expected to take place in Celle because of the convenience of calling witnesses from the camp, only 20 miles away. [/italics]

Kramer is believed to be still in custody in Celle, although officially he is only “still in custody somewhere in the 21st Army Group area” – B.U.P.




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