Sam McCron - Personal History Sheet



Sam McCron - Personal History Sheet


A document completed by Sam to allow an assessment made of his training requirements. It is divided into six sections -Job History, Aviation Interest, Education, Recreation, Family and Special Qualifications.



Temporal Coverage

Spatial Coverage



Six typewritten sheets with handwritten annotations


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National Research Council of Canada
Associate Committee on Aviation Medicine
Psychology Section


Aircrew Personnel, R.C.A.F.

Present Date- 4:5:43
Training Class No. 78

Name McCron (surname) Samuel Lorne Wilfred (Given name) No. R 191097

Home Address GERALDTON ONT (When admitted to R.C.A.F.)

Age Last Birthday 32 Height 5' 9" Weight 160


1. This is not a test or examination. It is a form planned to enable you to record important points about your special experience to date for the information of officers who will have charge of your initial training.

2. The record is divided under six heads, each with several items, numbered in succession. Choose your own speed for answering these within the one hour allowed.

3. Deal with each item as you come to it. If an item does not apply in your case, mark it N.A. (not applicable), and go on to the next.

4. Remember, there is no best kind of answer; every man's history is different Give the facts asked for, but avoid elaborating or dressing them up. The most useful record is one that is accurate, concise and comprehensive.

5. Your written record will be supplemented by a personal interview at your Initial Training School.

6. Before you begin writing, the instructor will first explain briefly the form. Later he will occasionally say how much time there is so that you may use it to cover all items.

7. At the close, additional announcements about turning in your record will be made. You may note such announcements at that time in the space below.

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[underlined] A. JOBS [/underlined]

1. List below the jobs you have held [underlined] since leaving school [/underlined] and give the information asked about each.

Commence with your last job and work back to earlier ones.

Omit jobs held during school vacations or after school hours.

In case you stopped school for 6 months or longer to do full time work include that job, and draw a line acrosee [sic] the page in your list to show when it was you returned to school. Above such line state the grade or course you entered on returning to school.

[inserted] [symbol] During period 33.35 was aero mechanic for Souis Bisson [underlined] part time [/underlined] – on WACO CABIN AND FLEET TWO PLACE [/inserted]

[a] 1. Firm 2. Place 3. Job [b] Month and year you started and left job [c] Reason for leaving. [d] Monthly earnings on starting & leaving. [e] Advancement, improvements, or other facts about your success. [f] How you felt about job.

[inserted] [a] TRUCK OWNER GERALDTON [b] ST FEB 42 LFT OCT 42 [c] ENLISTED [d] 400.00 less expenses [f] O.K.

[a] MAGNET MINE GERALDTON MINER [b] MAY 1937 FEB 42 [c] To go in TRUCKING (MORE MONEY) [d] varied between 250 – 150 [e] WAS ALLOWED TO NAME MY OWN JOB – SORT of EMERGENCY MAN [f] O.K. very interesting and satisfactory


[a] McFARLANE MINE GERALDTON [b] JUNE 36 – JAN 37 [c] SHUT DOWN [d] 170 [e] ROSE TO SHIFT BOSS [f] O.K. every way

[a] WINTER FISHING [b] NOV 35 – APR 36 [d] 300 [e] Ran camp for owner J. McKirdy [f] good

[a] PROSPECTED by [two indecipherable words] [b] 33 – 35 [symbol] [c] Too much gamble [d] NIL [e] got thorough knowledge of geology [f] great attraction but wanted a home of my own couldn't do it prospecting

[a] Garage mechanic for father [b] ‘30 – ‘33 [c] ALL WORK NO PAY [d] Varied 50 – 60 [e] CAN FIX ANYTHING ON FOUR WHEELS [f] He wouldn't pay me what I was worth so left but got prospecting through a neighbour. [/inserted]

2. List below any paid jobs you did [underlined] while attending school or during vacations. [/underlined] Answer under the heading below, starting with your last job while in school and working back.

[inserted] VACATION JOB [/inserted]
[a] (a) What the job was [b] (b) How long you worked at it. [c] (c) What use you made of the earnings.

[a] DELIVERY BOY HARRY Rigby Toronto [b] 4 years [c] things I needed. [/inserted]

3. If any of your jobs mentioned so far have required unusually long hours, heavy work, circumstances of excessive heat or cold, or other difficult physical conditions, please describe these conditions.
[inserted] Specialized in shaft work in mines – this requires not only a good all round miner but is very hard physically – not many can stand it. [/inserted]

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[underlined] A. JOBS [/underlined] (Cont'd)

4. Since quitting school have you taken any special studies (night school, correspondence courses, music, etc.)?

(a) What studies? {b) For what special purpose? (c) Progress in the study.
[inserted] Shorthand & Typing – to get a job at Fords – 1/2 finished [/inserted]

5. (a) Prior to the outbreak of the war, what kind of work were you looking forward to doing in future years? [inserted] House builder [/inserted]

(b) Mention steps you have taken to reach that goal. [inserted] Studied designs, cost of material & labour. Noted a few new ideas in getting costs down [/inserted]

[underlined] B. AVIATION INTEREST [/underlined]

6. (a) How many months or years have you been seriously interested in aviation?

(b) Before the war was aviation to you a career – a hobby [inserted] X [/inserted] or neither –

7. Prior to entering the Air Force, have you done such things as the following which reflects your interest in aviation? Answer between lines.

– making model airplanes (state number of models made, competitions tried or won. [inserted] FOKKER UNIVERSAL, LOCKHEEDS etc. about 12 [/inserted]

– reading articles on aviation in newspapers and general magazines, for example:- [inserted] [deleted words] Aeroplane AVIATION [/inserted]

– taking course on ground instruction (give name of course, subjects covered, and time spent or number of lessons taken).

– making flights as a passenger (state number of hours duel and solo)
[inserted] PLANE was only means of travel around geraldton till two years ago
– anything else. FISH hauled by plane (about 1000 lbs daily) [/inserted]

8. Prior to the outbreak of war, had you applied for entry to the R.C.A.F., or R.A.F.? If so, give the year, month and place of your application.

9. Since the outbreak of war, when did you apply or renew your application for entry to the Air Force? [inserted] When I enlisted. [/inserted]

10. Was the recruiting centre in the locality in which you were living? If not, how far did you have to go to make application? [inserted] Mobile unit [/inserted]

11. What steps, if any, did you take to follow up your application? e.g. inquiring about it, special reading or studies on aviation, etc.

12. Check or state below whether at the time of your enlistment you understood that you were signing up for particular type of Air Crew duty, such as observer, gunner, etc.
No [inserted] X [/inserted] Yes, for duty as –

13. What reason led you to join the Air Force? Indicate which reason seemed most important to you.
[inserted] I thought I had been a spectator of this war as long as my self respect would permit. [/inserted]

[page break]

[inserted] Lilly Holme – Matrons [indecipherable word]
Duke of Connaught Toronto Ont.
Williamson Rd Toronto Ont.
Balmy Beach Toronto Ont. [/inserted]


[underlined] C. EDUCATION [/underlined]

14. Where did you attend (a) Public School (town or country and privince, [sic] or state.
(b) High School [inserted] Malvern Coll. – Toronto Vienna High School Vienna Ont. [/inserted]

15. What course of study did you follow in High School? (Technical or commercial, or matriculation, etc.) [inserted] Matriculation [/inserted]

16. [underlined] Encircle one item below, [/underlined] showing the highest level you attempted at school;
Pub. Grade 6, High Grade 9,10,11, [circled] 12. [/circled] Univ. 1st year Degree Bachelor.
Schl. Grade 7, Sch. H.S. Graduation. 2nd year Master
Grade 8, 3rd year Ph. D.
4th year Professional.

17. At what age did you reach the level shown above? [inserted] (I believe) 18 [/inserted]

18. If the level you encircled was not successfully completed give the reason. [inserted] Changing schools [/inserted]

19. Did you write Jr. Matric? Yes [inserted] X [/inserted] No – Where [inserted] Vienna [/inserted] what year(s) –
also Sn. Matric? Yes [inserted] X [/inserted] No – Where [inserted] Vienna [/inserted] What year(s) [inserted] 1928 [/inserted]

20. Where [sic] you at any time out of school long enough to lose a school year?
At what grade? [inserted] 9 [/inserted] For what reason? [inserted] sickness [/inserted]

21. In your last year high school how did you stand in your work as a whole compared with your fellow? State your place and the size of your class, e.g. 5th out of 40, 20th out of 30 etc. [inserted] 5 [deleted letters] out of 15 [/inserted]

22. Give details of any awards you received for academic work or other achievements in study
[inserted] Jesse Ketchum [/inserted]

23. In high school or college, have you failed certain final exams? [inserted] Yes [/inserted]
In what subjects [inserted] [deleted word] [/inserted] and in which year? [inserted] [deleted number] [/inserted]

24. What school subjects did you enjoy most? [inserted] History, English, Maths [/inserted]

25. What school subjects did you do least well or enjoy least? [inserted] Latin [/inserted]

26. How did you compare with your fellow students in mathematics? e.g. 10th place out of 40 students, 20th out of 25, etc. [inserted] 15 out 30 [/inserted]

27. Have you had much experience in arithmetical work since leaving school? Give details [inserted] No [/inserted]

[underlined] D. RECREATION [/underlined]

28. List below the sports in which you have taken part. Mention [underlined] all [/underlined] sports in which you have participated, whether or not you were a member of a team or entered competitions. Include non-competitive activities as hunting, target shooting, fighting, sailing, horseback riding, motor cycle riding, if you have done such. List your favorite [sic] sport first, considering the amount of time you have spent on them over a period.

[a] Name of sport [b] Teams in which you have played. Give name and type (e.g. school) class, form, city, commercial, informal.) [c] Position played. [d] Outstanding accomplishments. [e] Competitions entered and awards obtained in non-team sports.

[inserted] [a] Rugby, [deleted word] hunting, swimming, boxing, [b] Malvern Coll
[a] Rowing (sculls) 140 lb fours [b] Malvern Coll

[page break]


[underlined] D. RECREATION [/underlined] (Cont'd)

[a] Name of sport [b] Teams in which you have played. Give name and type (e.g. school, class, form, city, commercial, informal.) [c] Position played. [d] Outstanding accomplishments. [e] Competitions entered and awards obtained in non-team sports.

[inserted] [a] Swimming [b] Broadview Y.M.C.A. [/inserted]

29. In what other ways than out-door sports do you spend your leisure time? e.g. Movies, cards, dancing, listening to music, the radio, etc. Give details.
[inserted] Movies [deleted word] radio [/inserted]

30. About how many minutes per day do you usually spend on newspapers or light reading? [inserted] 1/2 hour [/inserted]

31. What other kinds of reading do you follow? Give titles –

32. Have you a hobby? Indicate the time and effort devoted to it.

[underlined] E FAMILY [/underlined]

33. Are both your parents living? [inserted] yes [/inserted] if not, state which is dead – and the year of death –

34. (a) What is or was your father's occupation? [inserted] Contractor – garageman
(b) Father's Military Service [inserted] Secret Service [/inserted]

35. What is your father's leisure time interest? [inserted] Business [/inserted]

36. Racial extraction on your father's side [inserted] Scotch [sic] [/inserted]

37. Are you married or single? [inserted] M [/inserted] Year of marriage [inserted] 1938 [/inserted] Divorced? –

38. If you have children give their ages [inserted] Boy 2 1/2 [/inserted]

39. What are your brothers' occupations, oldest first:
1 [inserted] R.C.A.F. [/inserted]
2 [inserted] R.C.A.F. [/inserted]

40. What are your sisters' occupations?
1 [inserted] Housewife [/inserted]
2 [inserted] Secretary [/inserted]

41. Where do you come in the family (of those living)?
e.g. second oldest of five, etc. [inserted] Oldest [/inserted]

42. (a) With what church are you connected? [inserted] Pres [/inserted]
(b) To what clubs or societies do you belong? –

[underlined] F. SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS [/underlined]

43. List any position of leadership you have held, such as captain of a team, president or secretary of an association, or representative of a group.
[inserted] Mine shift Boss. (about 40 men)
Shaft captain (18 men)
Ran fish camp (5 men)
Captain high school debating team

[page break]


44. If you have had previous service in the navy, army, air force or non-permanent militia, give (a) Unit, (b) dates of service, (c) rank held (d) duties, (e)service courses undertaken.
(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

45. Do you recall being in an emergency situation where you had to think and act quickly in order to avoid danger? If so, [underlined] describe [/underlined] the situation, state how state how [sic] you were able to act. [inserted] Tire [sic] blowout at 75 m.p.h., held car on road. I didn't lose my head. [/inserted]

46. Have you travelled to speak of? Where and for what purpose?
[inserted] not much [/inserted]

47. Why do you think that you are well qualified for work as a member of an Air Crew? [inserted] Because I have been around in planes a lot and worked on them and liked it.

48. Is there some particular type of Air Crew duty (bomber, pilot, wireless operator and gunner, fighter pilot, observer) which you believe you can perform best? State your reasons. [inserted] Pilot because I can make the best of a bad situation and can see the rest don't do anything foolish. Experienced with men.

49. Look over this list of words or phrases. Underline the ten of so which you think would describe you fairly accurately or which other persons who know you would probably select in describing you.

[underlined] Active [/underlined]
[underlined] calm under pressure [/underlined]
[underlined] cautious [/underlined]
[underlined] cheerful [/underlined]
drive myself hard
easily annoyed
easy going

[underlined] enjoy hard work [/underlined]
feel but do not show emotions
[underlined] facility in reasoning and problem solving [/underlined]
[underlined] good natured [/underlined]
[underlined] good team maker [/underlined]
like to lend aid
supervise others
[underlined] like responsibility [/underlined]

[underlined] quiet [/underlined]
quick and skillful in movement
take things seriously.

50. Are there important facts you have not already given which you think may throw light on your special qualifications? Give details.


National Research Council of Canada, “Sam McCron - Personal History Sheet,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 4, 2023,

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